Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Resurrection Day--A Big One!We’re praising the Lord for your heart, prayers, and encouragements towards missions and Thailand. Resurrection Day is right there with Christmas in the minds of our church members. We wanted to give God our stretching efforts and allow His Holy Spirit to work within those attending. We, unfortunately, have to keep our eyes on the COVID numbers, but God gave us great clearance to have a special day. God brought 147 people, most who attended all three services at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. Soccer for the men and activities for the kids took us later into the afternoon. We had special food served after Service #2 and extra food to take home for dinner. Many of our church people donated towards the food to the point where the serving bowls took up all of the room on the tables. It always impresses me when our people take part in all of these events and activities. Everything just happens very quickly, very smoothly, without complaint, and with a lot of happiness. We are thankful to the Lord for this. In addition to taking home food and the kids taking home candy and smaller gifts, we gave each family a tray of eggs as a way to thank them for their service and faithfulness. Thirty brown eggs run about US$2.50 or 80 Thai baht, but they go a long ways toward meals.

Soul winning started strong this month. However, wouldn’t you know it, the COVID cases started to climb right after our Resurrection Day celebration on April 4. Thankfully, nobody from our church or those attending that day have had any issues. We followed all of the regulations as well. But . . . April did see souls saved and brought to Jesus. The last three Sundays, being online only, saw increased viewership. Also, food assistance is delivered to all of our church members once every two weeks. Another blessing, tithes and offerings do not go down very much during the online-only times. Often during the food drop-offs, church members are turning in their tithes and offerings.

Through your giving and with extra support from a few of our supporting churches, 10,000 tracts are being printed up for our IBC-Nong Phlap church. These tracts will be in the Thai language, while preparations are being made for Burmese language tracts and additional Karen language tracts. With all three languages, we’ll have everyone in the area covered to one day read a printed Gospel tract in their own tongue.

In the last prayer letter, we pictured Ahmnoy, age 63. He aimlessly walks the streets like clockwork each day. I watched other people look at Ahmnoy, like “Oh, here he comes again, just like usual.” After we led another man to the Lord, we took time with Ahmnoy. He was mentally there and wanting salvation. I thought to myself, Ahmnoy has very little to offer people—walking the streets daily, same times, same places, other people turning away from him. But since he gave his heart to Jesus, God can work in him, and he can have something to offer people.

Shortly after our big day, we visited Baa Oot, who has been faithful to church since her salvation last June. Baa Oot wanted us to talk to her neighbor, who listened but didn’t receive. Please pray for her. However, two girls were happy to listen and be saved that morning. The salvations were special, as all salvations are, but it was encouraging to see Baa Oot come soul winning with us and see the joy in her heart as those little girls trusted in the Lord. Thanks greatly to each of you and your faith in God, God gave IBC-Nong Phlap 16 souls saved in April!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family