Paul Lung Prayer Letter:  The New Year Started With a Great Blessing!Praise God! My family and I are serving our great God in my native land of Burma, where Adoniram Judson, the first American Baptist missionary, planted the seed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a huge investment by the lives of him and his family. Thank God that He answered the prayers of this family, and God is still at work and empowering the ministries. I am so glad that we are continuing the works which are to be done before His coming to take us to our eternal Home in Heaven. We try our best in serving Him. The Lord is leading us and blessing us in great ways. We trust that He is going to bless these works, and we shall win the battle.

Our New Year’s Eve midnight service was just unbelievable. Many friends attended our midnight service. Almost 300 people were there, and we had a fantastic time.

My wife and I and the church have been praying for our great need of a truck. The Lord answered our prayers in December 2017 through the goodness of Pastor John Wilkerson and the First Baptist Church of Hammond and Dr. Mark Bosje, our FBMI mission board director. In January 2018, the shipping company called us and informed us that our truck had already arrived from Japan, and they needed to see my ID. They needed to be sure that our payment of federal and state taxes to the country of Myanmar and our income taxes had been made. They asked me to please bring all the documentation papers so they could deliver the TRUCK. I took all these to the office, and they gave me the paperwork. It took about two weeks. After that we brought our truck again to the motor and vehicle transportation office to make registration for license and services. It took more than two weeks again, because we don’t want to pay taxes every year. In order to escape paying taxes, we made our truck religious property (church property). We did everything smoothly and in order, and now we have a wonderful truck, which is an excellent one. We don’t need to borrow all the time from others and pray down a lot of money to purchase a truck. The Lord has been good to us and answered our prayer of 10 years for this matter. Thanks be to God!

Last week we had a missions conference in Shan State Akha Baptist Church of Brother Stephen, and the Lord saved 11 people. One family has been in business for more than 30 years for Optimus. There was no making money; they lost money all the time. He said, “There is something wrong in my life. This top-secret work where people become rich, but I am losing money all the time. What caused these conditions? Life has become horrible. Why did this happen?” They are now seeking God and trying to find out where real life is. His name is U Sain Shew Bu, and his wife’s name is Daw Nan Phu Phu. They came to the missions conference, and on the last night, they got saved. They received Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord. They invited me to their home to meet them and discuss what life is all about. I am so glad that God is saving several souls in this country.

Please continue to pray for us as we keep going on to see souls saved and to establish more churches. This is what our lives and ministry are here in Burma. Pray for the political situations. In the last two months, the political situation has become much worse. Evil is going on all around us. Amen.

In His blessed service,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church