Greetings to you in His loving name! May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the peace of God be upon you all. I thank God that I can write to you and say thank you so much to the churches for helping the great works here in the land of Burma.

Two week ago on Father’s Day, my health was in bad shape. I had been feeling very bad for almost a month. On Father’s Day during my preaching time, I felt like my stomach was being cut by a knife. The pain was more terrible than anything I had ever experienced before in my life. Right after my preaching, my wife took me to Asia Royal Hospital to get checked out. The doctors took three small stones from my body. After three or four days, I recovered. God saved my life through your prayers. God has been so good to me. I believe He needs me for my people in this country for the Gospel’s sake.

At this time it is the rainy season, and everyone is working for crop and rice plantations, but our church attendance is normal and going well. We are growing spiritually, but other smaller churches that we have planted have slowed down a bit due to the rains and the difficult transportation. It will be okay, though; I encouraged all my preachers to do their best, to keep going soul winning on Saturdays. Witnessing to the people and having soul-winning projects will increase the number of attenders in the church one day, so we all keep going on to see souls saved. To continue preaching the Gospel is our duty that God calls us to. He put us in His ministries. I told them that FBMI and supporting churches keep praying for all church planters and their families. They trust you all and support you for the Gospel’s sake. All my preachers did wonderful jobs; my heart rejoices for all the preachers I work with. We are a small group of people, but we are rich in faith, and I am glad for that.

Just before I was hospitalized, I taught on the subject of “FAT” from II Timothy 2:2—Faithful, Available, and Teachable—to the college students and church planters. This blessed me so much in my own life, and it was a blessing to others. Praise God for this!

The children’s home ministry is excellent. The kids are doing well, and they have grown a lot. The college ministry is fantastic. Those who graduate from high school, we put them in college, training them to reach their own native people with the Gospel. So this is such an exciting project! Please continue to keep us in your prayers and help us with these works. The ministries that we have done here are a result of your faithful support and prayers. Thank you so much, and God bless you all!

In His blessed ministries,

Dr. Paul T. Lung and Family
Calvary Baptist Church