Mshama Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning SeminarIt’s the end of October already. Wow! Time surely doesn’t stand still. Days, weeks, and months seem to fly by. We are happy to report back to you what we have been doing these past months. First of all, thank you for the cards that many of you send us regularly. It’s always fun to get mail. The handwritten notes make us feel very much loved and appreciated. The time, money, and thought that go into sending them are truly noted.

God has been good to us here at Grace Baptist Church in Morogoro, Tanzania. For the most part, we have been averaging 300 or so for the months of September and October, with our highest attendance being 340. It’s fun to see new faces come and then stay. People are growing and having a heart for people without being “spoon fed.” Our ladies got together to start a ladies’ visiting schedule. They thought, Why should the pastors be the only ones visiting? So now the ladies are on a schedule to visit and encourage others. That’s a great sign of growth, and I’m proud of their efforts.

We had a soul-winning seminar in September. It was a great time to be refreshed on the importance of soul winning, as well as teach the new folks who had never been soul winning. We had a few teaching sessions, followed by role playing, so we all could see and react to different scenarios that we might encounter while out soul winning.

We had a great time, as well, with what seems to have turned into an annual soccer match between the teens and the older men in our church. The teens won 5-2, but the spirit was fun and relaxing. We started the day with a church-activity bike race. The entire route was 7½ miles, going and returning. We had 40 men and 15 ladies participate. We love to have these special activities once in a while to bring people together.

It was a joy to have my mother-in-law here for 2½ weeks to see firsthand what God has been doing here, along with getting to know some of our new folks and be reacquainted with the old ones. We also had Kids’ Day while she was here, and she had the opportunity to teach the kids a Bible lesson. We had 411 that day, with a goal of 200. The Lord always seems to go beyond our expectations. We had 168 trust Christ! We had a great time. For our first Kids’ Day at Grace Baptist Church, I believe it was a success.

We never want you to forget how grateful we are for your prayer and financial support. We have exciting things happening here in Morogoro, and we are looking forward to the future. However, it’s not possible without your investment in us, so thank you. Thanks for teaming up with us as we reach, teach, and train the folks here in Tanzania.

Your missionary friends,

Mshama, Martha, & Esther Kinyonga