Missionary #6501 Prayer Letter: Back HomeHOME SWEET HOME

Back Home in the USA

Recently my wife and I traveled back home to the U.S., along with our nine youngest children. The USA is home to us, not just because of it being the place of our birth, but because of the people we love who live there. We were able to see my parents and my wife’s, our seven older children, our son-in-law, our daughter-in-law, our precious granddaughter, and many other friends and loved ones. We were able to present the Gospel to many people, including Muslims. We attended the wedding of our daughter C___ to T___ S___. We were Stateside a total of 43 days, during which I fulfilled 45 speaking engagements in 6 states. Pray that we’ll see some new support as a result. Thanks to all who graciously hosted, fed, and provided for us. A special shout out goes to Pastor Carns and Open Bible Baptist for the use of their van.

Visa Issues

Among the most serious prayer needs at this time is the area of residency visas. Many Asian governments are making it increasingly difficult for Americans to reside in their respective countries. Please pray earnestly for the following: (1) Our new son-in-law was granted a visa to China, but his wife (our daughter) was denied. They need a miracle. (2) A young couple working with us here had a similar experience, the husband’s visa being renewed and the wife’s denied. This couple is a huge asset to our team, and they need a miracle. (3) The newest family working with us has been told that they need to own property by February for their visas to be renewed. They need a miracle. (4) My family only has a month left on our visas. We are in the process of purchasing property and have received mixed messages from immigrations about our own visa renewal. We need a miracle.

Unbelievable Answer to Prayer!

Local bureaucrats decided that all the non-refugee foreigners living in the area would no longer receive visas unless they had work permits or owned property. The property could not merely be an empty lot. We found an apartment, which could be used for ministry and for housing other friends spreading the good news, but needed about $60,000 that we didn’t have to make the purchase. While we were in the U.S., someone we have never met donated $50,000 towards this cause. We are trusting God to bring in the rest. If you feel burdened to help, contact me at ******@protonmail.com.

Back Home in Eurasia!

While the U.S. is home to us in some ways, we feel the most at home when we arrive back on the field. We are so thrilled to be back. The place where God has called us is the center of our world—the place from which we strive to reach the world with the greatest news ever told. Sure it is hard to be so far away from family and friends. Sure it is hard not knowing when we will get to hold our granddaughter again or even meet her younger sibling due in March. But we are with people we love here, serving a God we love, reaching people whom He loves. It is great to be back home!

Missionary #6501