Missionary #6505 Prayer Letter: Many Hands Sowing BountifullyWith masks coming off and people getting out, we are seeing a new energy in our work and our travels!

BIG Outreach in Michigan

For three solid weeks, my family and I partnered with Missionary D___ G___ and the good people at S___ L___ Baptist Church to distribute upwards of 6,500 Arabic John and Romans door to door. The effort culminated in a huge day on the church grounds, where literally hundreds of Muslims gathered for food, fellowship, and a brief presentation of the Gospel (delivered by the event host, D___ G___). I was able to deal one on one with a number of visiting Lebanese guests, including a couple, N___ and H___. The church invited me to preach for them. I got to see a giant of a man I haven’t seen for at least 25 years, Evangelist Jack Patterson. What a blessing this time was! Local Muslims have already begun to attend D___’s Grace and Truth Bible Class, which has been our prayerful goal all along. Please pray that God would give us fruit that would remain.

An Update on Our Outreach to Morocco

Pastor K___ P___ of L___ Baptist Church in Australia, has been a tremendous friend to me and our ministry. He has connected me with a wonderful Bible teacher in his church, a former Muslim from Lebanon, and together we have developed a live video Bible study that will stream weekly throughout Morocco to help seekers learn of Christ, much as we are doing in Afghanistan. Please pray for this brand-new endeavor! We know that God tells us to “sow bountifully” that we might “reap bountifully” (II Corinthians 9:6). We are so blessed that God has given us a “seed spreader,” which covers great portions of the 10/40 Window, and the means to personally disciple the people who reach out to us.


We have had wonderful soul-winning encounters through the radio: H___ and D___ in Afghanistan last month and Z___, a man in Kabul whom we are witnessing to currently. I have seen three men trust Christ in personal soul winning in the past two weeks: A___ and D___, two movers in Adrian, Michigan, who were eager to stop and hear the Gospel, and a 45-year-old man named S___, whom I met in his home in Ohio. Steven has had three heart attacks and eight stents in recent years. His mother, a saved woman (and a retired nurse), had been praying for his salvation since he was a boy. She sat next to him as I gave him the Gospel. What a wonderful day that was! To think that God schedules divine appointments and then lets us have a front-row seat at the occasion. I never grow tired of those sweet days! Thank you, Lord!

Prayer Requests

• A fourth radio ministry in Cairo, Egypt
• Funds to maintain (and grow) our 24/7 radio outreach to Muslims


• Salvations
• Healing of family from COVID

Missionary #6505 and Family