Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter:  Quick Trip Home to ChinaWe are so thankful for God’s generous provision and watch care over us and our family!

We were in Michigan and Illinois over the holidays, and it was such a joy to be with our family during this special time of the year. It has been five years since we have been with family during the holidays in person, and we were very grateful for that. We are very thankful for Skype, but it is not truly the same as being right there in person. It was great to able to go soul winning with my dad and my son over the holidays—three generations of soul winners. My son passed out a tract, and the man got saved. Praise the Lord!

On January 6-12, it was my pleasure to be able to accompany a couple of men from FBMI on a quick trip to China. We flew into Shanghai before heading to see our folks. It was so awesome to be back HOME in China. The first night in Shanghai, I looked out at the familiar skyline of cranes, construction, and tall buildings. I was so glad I was back (I wished my wife was with me though). It was great to be able to eat the Chinese food, speak the Chinese language, and even to be in the Chinese traffic. Of course, the best part was to be with and see the folks my wife and I have met, invested in, influenced, seen won to the Lord, and baptized.

While on that trip to China, I was able to witness to two different taxi drivers, as well as a fellow passenger and a flight attendant. The field is truly white unto harvest.

Three different times as of this writing, I have gone to some local apartments near our home base where there are some pilot trainees from China. This past Saturday my family and I were able to meet several and were able to share the Gospel with two who listened carefully and had great questions afterward. One of the pilots named Ivan told me that this was the first time he had ever heard the Gospel and understood it. Neither he nor the other man were ready to believe at that time, but please pray that they will very soon. Even while in America, it is exciting how there are so many, even from China, who are here and waiting to hear. We received a contact from a man named Kaihan from Taiwan, but as of yet we have been unable to contact him. Please pray for him.

We thank God for His traveling mercies these months to the meetings we have had in Michigan and Maryland. He kept us safe from the big snowstorm that hit the Washington D.C. area near the end of January.

Prayer Requests:

• Souls saved
• Mother and new baby, delivery (due February 11, 2016), etc.
• Meetings/churches that will be able to support us and that we may be a blessing where we go while learning what we need to learn
• Wisdom for us and our fellow team members still in China
• Those we have invested in in China
• Those who have heard the Gospel but have yet to believe
• Laborers

Thank you to those who have been long-time supporters, as well as those churches that have recently taken us into your missions family. We thank God for you and your faithful prayers and financial support and for the part you play and will continue to play in the harvest for souls in China and around the world.

In His service,

Missionary 6011 and Family