Daniel Wilder Prayer Letter:  First Teen CampOur church is in its tenth year. Although there have been many ups and downs, it seems that each year just gets better and better. Our theme this year is from Philippians 3:10, “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection . . . .” I have been very encouraged to see people reading more of their Bibles, writing in journals what the Lord has showed them through their Bible reading, and sharing answers to prayer from their personal prayer time. We are excited to get to know the Lord more than ever this year and to experience more of His power.

Last December we held our first annual Teen Camp. We invited Bro. Ricky Torres to be our special speaker, and he did a wonderful job. The games were exciting, the food was delicious, and the preaching was fantastic. Our teens were challenged, and all of them made some kind of a decision for the Lord. My wife was the only one who managed to break a bone in her hand when she led the girls off one night to play her favorite childhood game, “Wolf, Wolf.” Even though many things were a learning experience for us, we are looking forward to a great week of camp this December.

Our department, Chimaltenango, has 16 municipalities. Our church is located in the municipality of Chimaltenango. Our desire is to start a church in each of the 16 municipalities. This year we started a church in Parramos. We have already seen more than 200 people saved there, with an average attendance of 20 people each week in church. We are also helping Bro. Gamaliel Días, who is a missionary from Mexico, start a church in El Tejar. Many of the young men in our Bible institute are excited about starting their own church someday. One young man has his sights set on Patzún, another municipality about 45 minutes away from our church. Please pray for our young men and ladies as they prepare for the ministry and for more men to be called to start churches in Chimaltenango.

My wife is very excited to have her mother Phylissa and Phylissa’s husband Mike living with us here in Guatemala. They moved down last December and have been a big encouragement to both of us. They have filled a big void in the lives of our children that was left when my parents returned to the States last year. Pray for them as they adjust to the culture and learn the language. I thank God for my parents and in-laws who have been such a great encouragement to us in our ministry. I also thank God for people like you who pray for us and sacrificially give to help make this ministry possible.

His for souls,

Daniel and Misty Wilder, Lydia, Charity, Emily, Hannah, and Serenity