Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter:  A Renewed Vision for Puerto RicoFamily

Things are going well. As many of you know, our home suffered quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Florence last September. We are finally getting it to the point that we can live in it when we are not on the road. The last two weeks have been non-stop painting, trimming, more painting, and laying floor—but we are almost to the finish line! We are looking forward to having a place to come back to every now and then. Please pray for our children; they do not love being on the road all the time. They have been wonderful, but the lack of normalcy, I believe, is discouraging to them.

Soul Winning

I was privileged to witness to several folks on a trip to Puerto Rico. One gentleman in particular listened and was almost persuaded but would not make the decision to trust Christ. I also had the great honor to preach at Calvary Baptist Church in Puerto Rico.


We have been to a few states this month, including a trip to Puerto Rico. I was able to meet with Brother Daniels and Brother Dudley at Calvary Baptist Church and College in Carolina. They are doing a fabulous job there and want to work with us as we start churches across the beautiful but forsaken island of Puerto Rico. Their college is first-class and exactly what I was planning to start! Therefore, it looks like I will be able to save time in not having to start a new college. We can simply send our kids to Calvary for training and allow them to help on the weekends for ministry work. We also were able to spend some time with Pastor Martinez. To hear his renewed vision for Puerto Rico is exciting. I believe God is putting things in order to do a great work in Puerto Rico.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

● Pray that we will learn Spanish.
● Pray for the people of Puerto Rico.


Jon R. Wrightson