Andres Nunez Prayer Letter:  Please Keep Praying for VenezuelaThank you, dear friends, for your prayers. We are doing well. My high blood pressure result came out negative. Praise the Lord! Please pray for my wife. She has been having pain in her right leg for more than six months. The doctor said that she has bursitis; and, according to him, the pain is there to stay. She started getting cortisone shots to try to reduce the pain.

The church is doing well. The attendance is low—the adults are around 15, and the kids are around 20. The transportation is a big issue for the adults. The route for the kids is done by foot. The Lord is taking care of His church by providing all of its spiritual needs, because the Word of God is preached three times on Sunday, and all of its physical needs, because there is food in the house of the Lord to feed the hungry.

Please keep praying for Venezuela. I do not understand what is happening in Venezuela. Last month, it seemed like It was over. I was ready to go back to Venezuela; and then the Russians, Chinese, Cubans, Iranians, FARC and ELN (Colombian mercenaries), Venezuelan military, and colectivos are all there protecting Maduro. So let’s pray that my Venezuela does not become the next Vietnam.
The church had 425 souls saved during the last 3 months. Praise the Lord! Amen!

Prayer Requests

• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela


The Nunez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela