James Belisle Prayer Letter: Preaching in ConferencesWe just returned from preaching a Missions Conference in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have known Pastor Paul Williams since 1982, and it is a great privilege to minister in this church, which has produced so many young people who are serving the Lord. Linda and I will then be heading back to Iowa, where I will preach another conference in Bible Baptist Church of Dubuque, Iowa. May will bring me to Indiana for the yearly Candidate School for Fundamental Baptist Missions International, where I will teach the new candidates. I will then be off to Nigeria, where I will be teaching in the National Soul-Winning and Leadership Conference in Abuja and a regional conference in Aba, Nigeria. As I have asked so many times in the past, I ask you to pray for safety as I travel, God’s power as I preach, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit as I minister in these churches.

In my last letter, I mentioned I was going to the Dominican Republic to be with Missionary Andres Amoros. I had the privilege to preach in his Missions Conference. The emphasis was on trying to challenge his fellow preachers to get more involved in missions. There were 22 pastors and 18 college students who attended at least one of the services held on Thursday and Friday. Six were saved in the services on Sunday, and four were saved out soul winning on Saturday. Praise the Lord!

Earlier this year, I received an email from Missionary Mark Holmes. He related to me that he was talking to Pastor Jidi, a pastor I preached for last October. Pastor Jidi related to him that he had been considering retirement, but the sermons I preached were exactly what he needed. He determined during that conference to continue serving as the pastor until God calls him Home. The main reason I started this ministry 21 years ago was to encourage God’s men to stay in the fight. It is testimonies like this that rejoice my heart and help me to continue this much-needed ministry.

Thanks again to those who faithfully pray for me.

Missionary Evangelist James Belisle