John Hays Prayer Letter: What Is a Klor Gen 3000 System?Jesus Is the King of Kings Doing All His Plans

What is a Klor Gen 3000 system? How is it made, by whom is it made, and who pays for it? In this newsletter, I will share these answers and more.

The Klor Gen 3000 is a machine the size of a coffee cup. It is made of plastic and metal. It creates ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine. These in turn destroy all bacteria known to man within just a few minutes.

Who makes this machine? Each machine is made by a group of volunteers that have been meeting weekly in a rented garage and now in my basement for the past 15 years. The group changes, but the core group is composed of men from my church, Marion Avenue Baptist Church, and friends from another church 15 miles away. This is a ministry of itself.

It is made in parts and assembled in my basement. Parts come from a coating shop in New Jersey. Manufactured metal and PVC-molded parts are produced in Iowa. Other components, such as specialized gaskets, come from New York. Screws come from England . . . and so on.

The cost is covered by 50% sales and 50% donations. For example, 2,000 were made in 2020. It takes $50,000 per 1,000 to produce and distribute these machines.

The way the doors open is because of worldly governments. In Africa, they proclaim that if a cow can drink the water, then people can too. The result is that thousands die daily. In South America, the government proclaims that people die from oil companies, and lawsuits occur to enrich people. The fact is that oil might contaminate water, where 1 in 10,000 people die from chemicals, but the main culprit is bacteria. This leads to most, if not all, villages being wide open to lifesaving water treatment to kill the actual bacteria that causes a pandemic.

Finally, I have worked inside governments and know of their politics and workings. I simply know that true love only comes through the blood of Christ. I boldly speak the truth in love. The Gospel and King Jesus are over the affairs of man.

Christ is doing His plan, using common people and governments,

John Hays