Andrew Steers Prayer Letter: Thankful for Another Year of the Lord's FaithfulnessAs we come to the close of 2020, Laura and I want to thank the Lord for His faithfulness to us for another year. We would like to thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We also want to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. While this year has had its share of challenges, we eagerly anticipate the new year with its promise of new opportunities and blessings. It gives me much joy to give to you this latest report concerning the ministry work here in Tasmania.

Laura met Samuel at the local supermarket. She invited him to church, and he came with a couple of friends. His group from Vanuatu works at a local poultry farm, so they usually work five to six days per week. They have come a few times, and I was able to lead Samuel to the Lord. He and his group will be returning to Vanuatu next month because they have been here over a year because of the travel restrictions in place.

The groups working on the strawberry farms are beginning to return. I have been trying to contact them to set up a Bible study time. In trying to contact the group of men we met with last year, I found Coulter, the new leader, working at the house alone. There is a totally new group this year, so he is going to check with the men to see if they want to have a Bible study. Praise the Lord! God gave me the privilege of showing Coulter how he could be saved; and he, too, trusted the Lord as Saviour!

Perhaps you will remember Shane, the man we met several years ago while out knocking on doors! He had been praying for someone to come and show him the truth, and the Lord let me lead him to the Lord. He came to church a few times when he could, but his health progressively worsened until he was basically a shut-in. A couple of weeks ago, Shane went to Heaven and is free from pain. He mentioned a few times over the years how much my knocking on his door that day had changed his life. His daughters chose not to have a funeral, but we were able to meet them and leave them with a tract. Then just a few days ago, Collis, my neighbor from when I was a child, passed away. The Lord allowed me to lead her to the Lord a few years ago. She suffered from dementia in recent days, but we rejoice that she is in Heaven.

Prayer Requests

1. That Samuel and Coulter will get baptized
2. That we can deliver the Gospel to more workers from Vanuatu and see them in church
3. That Jared will visit church—he is a saved young man who needs to get back into church.
4. That Laura’s health will improve—she has stopped chemo and has an oncologist appointment on December 4 to discuss the most recent CT scan regarding her cancer. Please pray for a good result

While it is the Lord Whom we first acknowledge each day for allowing us the privilege of serving Him here in Tasmania, without your prayer and monetary support, we simply would not be able to continue. Once again, thank you.

All for His glory and praise,

Bro. Andrew Steers