Warren Storm Prayer Letter: The Glory Is God's!September and October

God blessed as we traveled 1,511 miles, helping 19 churches. We helped repair 23 buses, putting 10 back on the road that had not been running. We were able to help some churches get their Bus Ministries started up again and also fixed buses over the phone.

The Glory Is God’s

While in our old neighborhood in September, I saw our neighbor’s grandson Kyle. I asked him how his grandfather Ben was doing, and he told me Ben had passed away the previous spring. I was able to tell him that years before, Ben had trusted Christ when we shared the Gospel with him. I gave Kyle and his neighbor Sephas the Gospel. They both bowed their heads and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. That same day, my wife and our granddaughter Lorianne had the privilege of witnessing to Linda, our neighbor up the street from us, and she trusted Christ as her Saviour as well. God gave us such joy!

The first week in September, we helped our son-In-law and daughter, Gregg and Angela Schoof, get their motor home repaired so they could visit their supporting churches while on furlough from Uganda, Africa. I also had cataract surgery on both eyes the week after that. I am so thankful for clear vision again!

With God’s Help

The first of October, I headed to Michigan to get caught up with our supporting churches. One church had a bus that was in an accident. It needed a hood, a front axle, and springs. While I was in Michigan, four new churches called me for help. One church got a $6,000 estimate for a brake job. It was their only bus, so I managed to squeeze them in and fixed their brakes for $500. The bus ran the next Sunday. I was able to help one other new church while I was helping five supporting churches.

God’s Amazing Works

On the way back home, the motor home decided to act up, and it wouldn’t shift properly. I limped it in to a Freightliner dealer, but they couldn’t work on it for a week. As I do over the phone with our mechanics when they call me, I asked him to “just give me an educated guess.” He had me bring the motor home in. He scanned it and came up with the same codes I had. He told me to replace the wiring harness on the transmission. He showed me the wiring underneath, and I moved it around. The motor home made it home with no problem. I bought a harness for the transmission and replaced a hose that had a small leak in it. I had to take the cab all apart to do the work. It took 10 days to get it all done; but, praise the Lord, it is working now!

We are very grateful for your faithful prayers and financial support. Please do not hesitate to call us with your bus questions or problems. We are here to be a help to you. Text or call me at 219-689-0011.

Prayer Requests

Please pray (1) that we can reach more bus families with the Gospel, (2) that we can encourage more CDL drivers, bus mechanics, and bus workers to step up, and (3) for the health and safety of the pastors and missionaries.

Yours for souls,

Warren & Jary Lynn Storm