Gregg Schoof Prayer Lettter:  God's Radio TowerThese two months were loaded with activity. We were thrilled to have our college students home. We have five students, who got saved through the radio, attending Bible college in Uganda with Missionary James Pridgen (BIMI). It was great to have them at our house for a real Thanksgiving meal—except we did not buy the $90 turkey for them. We had ham and roast instead.

They have been in college for two years, and the guys are really becoming great preachers. They preached some services at our church, and our people were really blessed. We are supposed to have some more going to Bible college when it starts again in February. I will make sure to put a picture of them on our radio’s Facebook page—Amazing Grace Christian Radio.

We have also spent several weeks at our second tower site, except we really don’t have a second tower. The government has refused to give us permission to build. So we decided to use God’s tower that is already there—a great big pine tree! We climbed the tree, mounted a pole, and installed four antennas. I would include a picture, but really all you would see is tree. We are already getting calls from new areas that are now getting the signal. Amen!

In December, we had a first-ever Christmas caroling time for the church. We met in town, had a small party with cookies and hot tea, got prepared with singing sheets and tracts, and then went around the downtown area singing and inviting folks to church. We really had a great time, and many said they would come visit us.

The kids are doing great and enjoy helping with the different projects we work on. They especially love taking trips with me to Karongi to help with the second radio site. They get a break from school and get to spend a week camping out on top of the 8,400-foot mountain with Dad. But it gets very “interesting” after five to six days with no showers!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. These 2 months we saw 38 people trust Christ out soul winning, 4 professions, 3 baptisms, and 70 saved through the radio.

In His service,

Gregg, Angela, Caleb, Hannah, Timothy,
Virginia, Micah, and Zachery Schoof