This weekly prayer summary is a collection of recent prayer requests derived from prayer letters written by FBMI missionaries and/or missionaries supported by our church, First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.

Psalm 102:1-2, “A Prayer of the afflicted, when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the LORD. Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.  Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily.”


March 19-22 Missions Conference


Dan Siemer: Healing of his fractured vertebra

Back, Ron & Laura—Australia

*Their radio program on Sunday mornings
*Soul-winning opportunities, with potential of almost 100k people moving to their area over the next three years; *Iranian couple to get saved (been praying for a Persian Ministry for about 9 years)
*Family’s health
*More laborers there in Warragul

Baker, Keith & Theresa—Haiti (medical furlough)

*Complete healing from surgery and preparation for their return

Bowen, Bob & Jackie—“BEST” Bible Distribution

*Her health
*Need to get Bibles to Bro. L__ (B___a)

Edwards, Mark & Sheri—Brazil

*Marco, a young man saved out of Spiritism and still has battle with evil spirits that oppress him
*April furlough (the church in their absence)
*Praise: an American, retired from Delta Airlines, will be house-sitting for them during their furlough and offered them 4 buddy passes for their family, saving them $1000-$1200 per ticket round trip for all 4 of them
*Daughter Katie as she graduates in May and will be taking a position at a Christian school in Arizona
*Flight to Sao Paulo this month to renew the children’s American passports (must be back by end of April in time for furlough)

George, Brian & Liesl—Argentina (furlough)

*January-August 8 furlough
*$40k to purchase land next to their church for expansion purposes (already set aside $9600)
*August 10-20 work team going to their church to work on the electrical work and miscellaneous projects (glad to have others join the team at that time; will also be doing evangelistic outreaches in the evenings)

Goodpaster, Nathan & Audrey—Philippines (medical furlough)

*Jonathan’s chemo treatments

Gunter, John & Cathy—International Rep for Tabernacle BC Missions

*Dr. K___ from I___a on furlough March-June
*Dr. K___’s special ministry needs in India:
+$5000 for van; +additional 10% monthly support;
+$1000 for Bible college needs
+Money for Bible college students
+Money for heavy monthly travel expenses to two churches and Bible colleges

Has, Bounna & Thy—Cambodia

*Salvation of Neat, 22-year-old lady visitor
*Discernment and boldness as they go soul winning

Hassler, Thurston & Kay (retired missionary):

Needs prayer: In February, had surgery to repair life-threatening hole between esophagus and stomach; in Trauma Unit ICU for 13 days, unable to breathe at first; now home, but very weak, logic somewhat impaired, has hallucinations and extreme emotional episodes, fed through a G tube; 3 months of recovery

Herndon, Jason & Amanda―Native American Indians

*Bible institute (12 returning in the spring)uild
*Bing of classrooms for the children and teens
*Men to be faithful
*Their Bible studies

Hudson, Simeon & Susie—Argentina (furlough)

*Preparation for their March missions conference at Betel with three missionaries
*Seminary graduate who wants to start a church and wants them to help
*Possibility of a new ministry that may help them to grow the seminary
*Health and safety

Johnson, Allen & Dema—Wings Bearing Precious Seed

*March 13-21 missions trip to Honduras
*Balance of $1900 to ship Bibles to Papua New Guinea
*Money to ship Bibles to Suriname and Lebanon
*February shipment of Kannada Scriptures to India
*Money to ship Bibles to the Philippines for their May 22-31 missions trip to Davao City

K____, K___—L**s

*That a building project on land next to them will not affect their church or ministry
*That Bro. K___ and the church in his village will no longer change from what they have been taught concerning Christ
*Their country (freedom of religion; pastors can go to prison if they don’t get a license to preach)

Kokubun, Heather—Team Peru

*Teen girls, with whom she works
*Her discipleship

Lemma, Mike & Lidia—Mexico

*Their son Stephen to recover from March 7 surgical procedure
*That the doctors will identify the cause of the problem and the treatment be successful
*Their Friday and Saturday trips to ranch at Pozo de Gamboa
*That three teen girls now teaching children’s classes will one day go to Bible institute

Lopez, Angel & Noemi—Guatemala

*The new work in San Jose Pinula (bi-monthly trip there with their church members to go soul winning)
*Upcoming furlough: May 20 marriage of daughter, Tabitha Daniela, then furlough meetings
*No mail service in Guatemala

Mihy-Mihyndu, Fisa—Gabon, Africa (deputation)

*Comfort in the loss of his father in December
*His deputation meetings (support)

Nordman, John & Gwen―Australia

*His healing from bone cancer
*Recovery from upcoming surgery:
+March 14 surgery
+2 weeks in hospital
+4 months in bed

Pattison, Chris & Rebecca—Philippines

*Their work with the youth ministry (kickoff of their youth department had 24 in attendance)
*Upcoming flight for visa trip ($2000 for flight and this year’s visas)

Pope, Becky—Medical Missions Outreach

*March 9-18 trip to Trujillo, Peru, with dental, medical, and vision teams
*Need volunteers for the May 18-27 trip to Manaoag, Philippines
*Upcoming MMO trips (3 to South/Central America and 3 to Africa; each country requiring very labor-intensive documentation requirements for supplies and medications; need laborers)

Schoof, Gregg & Angela—Rwanda

*Paperwork on property

Team Ghana

+February 15 HACWA graduation of 10 graduates (94th certificate since opening in 2008)

Tomlinson, Dwight & Gayle—Barnabas 10/40 Window (deputation)

*April 4 departure for C___a
*Raising of money for nationals to start churches, given through missionaries for accountability

Vong, Neaty & Sara—Cambodia (furlough)

*December-July 2017 furlough, with a trip for him and his wife back to Cambodia in May for their church’s Family Conference, then return to travel for the entire month of June, then return to the field July 15 (bulk of their furlough to help his parents transition to Cambodia to help with their team)
*His parents, as they are setting up care for Neaty’s elderly grandparents for when his parents go to the field *Their Bible college (13-15 full-time students) and Bible institute started in January
*Safe travels
*Soul-winning opportunities in United States, including family members

Zemeski, Bob & Kathi—Ireland

*Their health