Dave Solt Prayer Letter:  Something Great Has Happened!We would like to share a little about our short trip to the U.S. to attend our son Daniel’s marriage to Rachel Strong! It was a wonderful occasion, and we all rejoiced. By the way, Daniel put the service on his Facebook page, so if you missed it, you can watch it there. Also, our sincere thanks to Pastor Wilkerson and the good people at First Baptist Church for hosting and officiating the ceremony. You took great care of us while we were there! Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness. We finished our trip with an exciting visit to Faith Baptist Church in Milwaukee. God is certainly working through the dedicated folks there. It was sweet to catch up with everyone and be refreshed before returning to the field.

Summer Programs

So far this year, we have had 83 first-time visitors in our church and 73 precious souls who have trusted Christ for Heaven! Vacation Bible School was a special blessing, with a consistent 20 kids per day! By the end of the week, 9 had made salvation decisions. Our “Team Wycliffe” showed off their dedication and love for Jesus with all their hard work through the week. God is good! Thankfully, the weather was good most of the summer, so we were out often, witnessing and teaching. God has given us a special inroad into this community. Please pray for us to be effective in the continuous work of reaching people for Jesus!

Autumn Is Coming

The children go back to school, and people return from vacations! This means back to the regular schedule for everyone. Before we know it, Christmas will be here, so it’s time to be busy as we prepare and work. Please pray that the church gains momentum as we work in the months ahead. There is a spiritual darkness over this land; but God has a plan, and we need to yield to that plan. It would be a joy to have 100 souls saved by Christmas. What a wonderful gift for Jesus. Think of the eternal joy!

More Family News

Josh is starting his junior year at Hyles-Anderson, with media studies and an interest in youth ministries. Please pray for his continued health, safety, and spiritual growth as he serves in the ministries there. Jeremy was asked to play the piano for part of the wedding and did a terrific job. He is a high school senior in homeschool and looks forward to joining the lads in Hammond next fall.

A Special Prayer Request

Please pray for my dad, Ron Solt, who is under hospice care at home, and especially for my mom Anne Solt, who is carrying the burden of caregiver.

Our thanks for all the prayers for and kindnesses to our family. November will mark 23 years on the field. We wouldn’t be here without you! God
bless you.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Joshua, & Jeremy