Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Claiming God's Promise of Exceeding Abundance

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

In August, my sister (Amber Bosje) and three of her daughters (Sarah, Libby, and Alyssa) came to visit for a week before they met up with the missions group from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, which was led by our missions director, Dr. Mark Bosje. We enjoyed the extra time with family, and it was exciting to show the church, ministries, and a little bit of Thailand to the visiting group.

Our church had another wonderful Mother’s Day Sunday this year. We had visitors and folks saved and baptized that day. What a joy it is to see new members inviting their families to visit the church. God is using their lives and faithfulness to reach more for Him.

One faithful member, Pii Jeem, drives over 30 minutes every week to come to church. She brings her family members and other people in her pickup truck. The church was able to help her convert her truck into a sung tau so the folks who ride in the back of her truck have a bench to sit on and a cover over their heads. Since Pii Jeem has become a Christian, she has been influential in leading family, neighbors, and friends to the Lord. What a joy it is to watch as the Lord uses her to reach lost souls!

The team has found 6 acres of land for sale at the lowest price we have seen in these past several years of looking for land. The land is located about 20 minutes from our current church location. The location is more accessible to those who drive longer distances to church every week. Since we started saving for land in November of 2017, our church members, several churches, and individual donors have together raised $140,000. We need approximately $320,000 to purchase this piece of land. The owner is quite ill with cancer and has given us an even lower price for the deposit. We put the deposit of 5% down to hold the land this past week. While Brother Sakrapee and I were in Bangkok visiting the landowner in the hospital, Brother Sakrapee had the opportunity to give him the Gospel. He was ready and sweetly accepted Jesus into his heart. Praise the Lord! We have until the end of November to raise the remaining $180,000 needed. Would you consider giving to this tremendous cause, and would you also pray with us as we pray and trust that God will provide this great need?

Missy and I enjoy making church visits together each week. We especially appreciated the fellowship with our newer church members, Pii Noi and his wife Pii Somjai. They shared with us how much the Lord has blessed their family since they became believers in Jesus years ago. God led them to our church a few months ago, and what a joy it has been to see this older Christian couple bring such encouragement to the membership just through their faithfulness to God and their loving marriage. Pii Somjai gave a blessing this past Wednesday. She said that they celebrated 43 years of marriage last week, and her biggest praise was that the years they have known the Lord have been the sweetest because of God’s blessings and grace. We pray for God to build the families and couples in our church so that in 10-20 years, we will have more testimonies like Pii Somjai’s.

Khun Star and I have been able to teach in a weekly Bible study with some of our Karen and Burmese church members who are unable to attend our Wednesday prayer meeting. New people will often come to these Bible studies, and a few weeks ago, 5 young men received Jesus as their Saviour after the meeting. These moments never get old!

Just last week, we had a teen activity with 8 teens in attendance. Two of the church’s single staff members, Tan and El, came along to help. We appreciate Tan and El’s vision to reach the next generation for Him. We had a picture and video scavenger hunt at the mall, and everyone had a blast. Two young men, who hadn’t come to church in a while, were able to attend. Please pray that the young people of our church will have the courage to take a stand in their homes and among their peers for the cause of Christ.

As we trust in Him and faithfully serve, we pray that the ministry here will always bring glory to Christ!

For His glory,

Tim Shook