Dave Solt Prayer Letter: Bit of a Roller CoasterSince our last letter, I am thankful to let you know that the British government eased our lockdown, and we were able to reopen the church on the 5th of July. But this was short-lived. For five Sundays, we had services only on Sunday mornings. Everyone was required to wear masks, we had to maintain a two-meter distance in the pews, and we were not allowed to sing in the services. Even so, it was good to be together again after three long months of online-only services. Visitors came to every service. All told, we had 10 first-time visitors throughout the duration of the five weeks. Then we were locked down again. Oh my! For the last four weeks of August, we were back to online services. It hasn’t been easy for sure.

But God Is Still on the Throne

Well, we are not about to let this get us down! Times and situations may change—and they do, but God is on His throne. Christ came, died, and rose again; and the Holy Spirit is still here, doing His eternal work in the souls of men, women, boys, and girls. God is good! So, we are busy in the work, telling people about Jesus, learning how to work online and produce videos of messages and services, and posting them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other multimedia. Some Wednesday Zoom Bible studies have included guests from London, Germany, and the U.S. The church Facebook page now has 750 followers, and a recent Sunday message had nearly 2,000 views! God is good! Also, we have had 70 salvation decisions so far this year. Our local lockdown was eased again, and we can get back to meeting. Please pray for freedom from this terrible plague so we can sing, have the Lord’s Supper, baptize, and open up more services in the church. People are hungering to get back, which is exciting! Amen.

Continued Blessings

Our biggest blessing of all is that God has kept our loved ones and church members safe. My wife and son continue to overcome weaknesses due to damage by the virus. However, some new men in our church are growing spiritually and going out soul winning with me every week. God has brought along a man from India named Amos. He grew up in Hinduism, but one day he got saved in India. He comes to me every week seeking discipleship. It is fun sitting—at a distance, of course—and teaching men the wonderful truths of God’s Word. Souls are hungry. God’s work goes forward. It will never die!

Jeremy left on the 17th of August and traveled to Chicagoland to attend Hyles-Anderson College. All our boys are in the U.S. now and doing well learning and serving God at the First Baptist Church of Hammond. Pastor Wilkerson continues to amaze us with his leadership ability. God has certainly prepared that good man in His work. Joshua is working hard and is in his senior year at Hyles-Anderson. Daniel and Rachel were planning a big visit to England, but because of the situation we are now in, they had to cancel. God knows what He is doing.

Daniel is busy witnessing, preaching, and leading a junior department at First Baptist Church. Rachel is a blessing and a sweet help to Daniel as they serve our God.

We are praying for America! Please do keep in touch, and let us know how you are doing so we can pray for you. It is a joy to watch you, who faithfully pray and financially help us “stay by the stuff.” You are all a blessing to us! Thanks for partnering with us in this important work for Christ.

May God richly bless you for your prayers and kindnesses.

Yours for souls,

The Solt Family
Dave & Mary Beth
Daniel, Rachel, Joshua, & Jeremy