Keith Baker Prayer Letter: School Is Back in Session!Our Christian school has been in session for a few weeks. Theresa is teaching English as a second language again this year. There appears to be a good spirit among the students, with almost no absenteeism. I believe this is due in part to the long quarantine layoff. Everyone is glad to be back with their classmates and in their learning atmosphere.

I started yesterday, September 7, teaching Isaiah with our small college. There are nine men. I will have them three hours a day for four weeks and then move to another subject.

One of the Haitian proverbs specifies, “Misfortune has no horn.” The people were hungry in this country before the enforced seclusion, and conditions have worsened. Recently, Theresa and I were able, with your help, to purchase 750 pounds of rice and beans, along with 15 gallons of cooking oil, for distribution to 70 needy families. Assisting Haitians with food, medicines, and school supplies, though, has periodic precedence over the Great Commission business.

We are on constant watch as to where our next local church can have its foundation.

Thank you for your support and passion for missions.


Keith and Theresa