Dan Siemer Prayer Letter: In Turn . . . Psalm 109:17 is an amazing verse. We are to delight in God’s blessings, which means  we should notice them, value them, seek them, and put them to good use. In the context of the chapter . . .
1. The wicked man is blind to these blessings received, unthankful to the extent that he prefers cursing, unaware by choice of his dependence on God and at the great risk of losing God’s blessing.
2. The righteous man is aware of this lifeline, calling himself poor to express his conscious and desperate need and prayer for them. He knows that as God supplies, he must give in turn (v. 16).

We thank God, and you, for your support through prayer and finances over the years. They testify that you, like David, live in that wondrous awareness of God’s goodness and provision and that you seek to be a channel of God’s blessings in turn (II Corinthians 1:3-4). We, likewise, receive to give.

Yesterday we had a church picnic at Hyles-Anderson College. Here’s a snapshot and some family examples about how God has blessed, providing and opening doors to give:

1. Attending a two-day tropical medicine and traveler’s health refresher course in Toronto, God provided a wealth of instruction that I’ll be passing on to the missionaries. In turn, the Lord opened a door to upgrade medical services.
2. A missionary there in Canada provided lodging, and I had the opportunity, in turn, to go soul winning with them. God blessed with some good contacts. Most notably, Naeim is a new immigrant from Iran. Now he wants to grow in the Lord. Hopefully he will be used of God to reach other Iranians.
3. As you know, God blessed us with firsthand experience with autism. Lana, in turn, with Ruth’s help, continues to superintend the Sunbeam Department for special-needs children. Challenges are great, but God blesses. We rejoice to see how God works through Christ’s love over time.
4. The Lord’s work in Tom’s life has been phenomenal, and he is now giving, in turn, helping a new church plant in Crown Point with their audio-visuals, preparing Power Point presentations for the sermons, volunteering for construction and maintenance, providing special music, and so on.
5. God granted the opportunity to help develop the discipleship materials for the church, and I’m now using them, in turn, to help build new believers. The Lord has opened many doors for soul winning.
6. God provided protection from two loose pit bulls while passing out flyers for Friend Day. On a follow-up visit, I was blessed to lead a mother and her eighth-grade son to the Lord.

Please pray with us, relative to these needs:

1. For provision of new supporting churches to replace ones that have been lost
2. For open doors to serve and encourage more pastors and churches in missions conferences
3. For Naeim’s spiritual growth and for his family
4. For FBMI’s 2017 Candidate School the 17th thru the 22nd of July

That all might hear,

Dan and Lana Siemer