One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.”

Psalm 145:4

God’s Care for His Own

Serving missionaries, it’s wonderful to see God doing what only He can do for them. There’s a missionary family in the Philippines that is greatly loved and respected. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the nation in 2013, this missionary personally led his church to sacrifice and give and go, preparing supplies and delivering them to a neighboring island that was devastated and had not received help. Souls were saved, and a foundation was established for a new church. This missionary and the men with him slept on the beach each night while there because there was no lodging. Leadership by example! In June this missionary contacted me. Their son, almost two years old, was becoming unsteady when he walked. As soon as possible, a minimum of necessary tests were done, and a large brain tumor was found. An MRI clarified its location, character, and size so that wise decisions could be made. No regional facility was able to handle the need. The Lord directed to a top hospital in the United States, which specializes in this type of tumor, and a green light for admission was given, if he could only safely arrive. Flight-surgery training and experience alerted me to the risks of flight in such situations and what must be addressed, and the neurologist granted permission to fly. Medication was given as a precaution. God granted uneventful flights to the USA. The diagnosis was confirmed, and surgery was scheduled.

While visiting them, our sovereign Lord arranged an unexpected hallway meeting for me, the missionary, and the neurosurgeon, as we “happened to meet” from separate directions. The surgeon gave us a complete review of everything learned, proposed surgery, and potential complications. He also warned us of a difficult decision the family would need to make if surgery disclosed a particular situation. By God’s grace, the missionary and I were then able to pray and talk at length about how to make such a decision. Surgery the next day was successful, and our wonderful Lord spared the family of the need to make the decision. Recovery was remarkable, especially considering the size and location of the tumor. Follow-up treatment has begun, as the Lord continues to provide for the family’s many needs. Reflecting on it all, God was so gracious to alert and lead to a diagnosis while flight was still possible.

God’s Direction in His Service

While out soul winning, it’s amazing how the Lord leads to those who have a heart to hear and how God breaks down barriers. Two men were sitting in their car, and the Lord impressed me to talk to them. Though at first seemingly utterly disinterested, their attitude changed, and they listened carefully as the Gospel was presented. Both knew they were guilty before God and needed the Saviour. It was a joy to see them put their trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

God’s Provision in the Way

It’s been almost 28 years since we left the Navy for His service, and God has provided direction and supplied needs ever since. Please pray that He would provide (1) guidance regarding trips to serve missionaries, (2) new supporting churches to take the place of those that can no longer do so, and (3) the mission conferences where I’ll be serving this fall.

That all might hear, everywhere,

Dan and Lana Siemer