Chris Williams Prayer Letter:  We're Almost There!Time has gotten away from me again. I apologize for the lateness of this update and will work very hard to be on time with our updates in the future. With our planned departure for Peru being just around the corner, things will only be getting busier.

We spent fall in the South and had some great encounters along the way. God was again able to use us to help pastors in need, with at least three visits occurring at times when the pastor was sick and had nobody to fill in for him. One of them had just gotten out of the hospital that morning. It is always exciting to be used to be an encouragement to others, especially pastors!

At one of our last stops in Florida, we met a lady whose nephew had just died of heart failure. By the time we left, this heartbroken lady knew that she now has the Comforter living inside her. She was thrilled to know that she now has a home in Heaven.

We had a great time with Pastor Darrell Hurst and New Zion Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Kentucky, at their annual missions conference. We thank them for partnering with us in reaching Peru for Christ.

Last year we were able to help a church in Kentucky with a revival meeting. We were able to stop in and see how they were doing. We were happy to see that they now have a pastor and are averaging about 35 people! They have come a long way from the 4 people without a pastor that they had before the revival meeting.

We have been blessed with very few vehicle problems during most of our travels. When we finally did have a breakdown, it consisted of the starter, alternator, and battery all going at the same time. It also happened to coincide with the first major snow of the winter in Indiana, with about 7 inches of snow falling. Thanks to Pastor Bill McSpadden, who loaned us his car so we could get the needed parts to keep going.

We are less than two months from our planned departure for Peru! Irene is almost finished getting her U.S. citizenship, with only the final approval and oath-taking ceremony left. We expect this to be complete within two weeks, at which point we will be able to purchase our tickets to Peru. Please pray that our final preparations go smoothly and that we are able to make the transition easily. We will have extra expenses for the move above and beyond our usual monthly expenses. If you would like to help with these additional expenses, we would be extremely grateful!

Your partners in Christ,

Chris and Irene Williams