Chad Inman Prayer Letter: "Walk in Wisdom . . . Redeeming the Time"“Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.” Colossians 4:5

Our family is rejoicing, serving the Lord here in Thailand. Every day is an opportunity to do more, and we want to do so with gladness and endurance. Thank you again for praying for our family and the ministries. We ask for prayer in a shipment we have coming to Thailand. Paperwork and legalities can significantly slow things down. Our shipment has all of our children’s schoolbooks and other needs, which will further root us here (clothes, personal items, etc.). Please pray that it would be delivered soon, intact, and without unexpected costs.


Looking back at our two-year-and-four-month deputation/furlough to re-raise support, we were without any accidents or legal infractions. We are so thankful for this, along with a van that endured well for 120,000 miles and sold quickly (I thank my brother-in-law also for this). As we near the three-month mark here in Thailand, our family has been very healthy. The kids have not been sick, and they are enjoying our churches, our living situation, learning Thai, and a lot of play time. Sarah is happily cooking healthy, and we are discovering new avenues for better food at reasonable prices. We praise the Lord for the finalities of our work permit and visas to be smooth and successful.

Salvation Story

During the service at the Nong Plop church, time is taken to ask for prayer requests and to pray for those needs. One of the men asked us to pray for Two-Shay, a 50-year-old man living in a nearby village. Two-Shay was invited to church, said he was going to drive there on his motorcycle, and then decided to go elsewhere. A very short time later, he wiped out and broke his knee. We decided during the service to pray for Two-Shay’s healing and that he would learn about Jesus, the Gospel, and how to be saved. I emphasized that if Two-Shay came to church, we needed to treat him the way we would like to be treated (welcomed and encouraged but not undermined about specific actions of the past). I told Star that we should visit Two-Shay that week, as he was unable to work with the bad knee. The following Thursday, Star and I went out to the area of Huay Mong Kong, and way back on some rugged dirt roads stood a small village. Feeling very missionary-like at this point, we visited some of our faithful church members there. We discovered that just a few hours before our arrival, Two-Shay had gone to visit his brother and was not home. We asked if there was someone in the village who had not heard the Gospel. Arms and fingers directed us to a nearby house where Jyaw Aung, age 26, lived. Jyaw Aung spoke Burmese, and thankfully, Star does too (along with Karen, Thai, and English). I gave the Gospel while Star translated. Jyaw Aung had many questions along the way, as this was the very first time he had heard the Gospel. Questions like, where does it say God created the world and people? How old is the earth? If God loves us, why do so many people struggle and have little money? Are Christian and Catholic the same? Why is it that when I read the Bible, I don’t understand it? Star answered some of the questions, and I answered others. I was so encouraged to see Star answering the questions on his own with confidence, grace, and boldness. Colossians 4:5-6 kept ringing in my mind during our time there. We spent over 90 minutes with Jyaw Aung, and to my surprise, two of our teenagers were sitting behind us the whole time, listening and learning. Jyaw Aung said he was not ready to accept the Lord but was considerate. You could almost see how the blinders of the world allowed him to think there was something else out there. We know that there is not. Show me a book like the Bible. Show me a living Saviour.

At this time, it was beginning to get dark outside. We were thankful and walked away. The next house had several people sitting down in front of it. It was Two-Shay’s house, and he was home, sitting in the doorway with his injured knee. Two-Shay’s family and friends gathered to watch (about 12) and hear us encourage him. We found out that he was not sure of going to Heaven. We relayed the Bible. Two-Shay, without hesitance, accepted and believed in Jesus to be saved. What a blessing to see a man and his friends and family rally around the Lord. One of the ladies there, Kun Yoo, was the mom who had a very sick son back in 2015. Without knowing how we would pay for her boy, we took her son to the hospital, and a couple of weeks later, he was well. The doctor said the boy would not have made it without medical treatment. Three years later, Kun Yoo is faithful to church and raising her family with the Lord. Kun Yoo’s brother is Two-Shay. We encourage you to keep your heart pointed towards the Gospel and the furtherance of it. We thank the Lord for you.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family