Chad Inman Prayer Letter: For the Joy of the Lord Is Your Strength“. . . for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”  (Nehemiah 8:10)

We hope this letter finds you joyous in the Lord. We thank you for your prayers over this last month, as the Lord continues to give us wonderful meetings and support considerations. February placed us in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. On top of meeting many faithful and enjoyable people throughout these churches, our kids completed their Abeka school year and are enjoying their break as they gear up for 4th grade, 2nd grade, and K5. Sarah was able to reconnect in person with many who taught, helped, and encouraged her in the Lord as a young girl in Virginia. As a family we toured Williamsburg and Jamestown to learn some of the history of our great Bible-based nation.


In Allen, Michigan, the snow was falling fast, but the church parking lot was plowed early, and the church was warmed and prepared. At Allen Baptist Church, Pastor David Wruck had me teach and preach for Junior Church, along with having me preach the evening service. We had a great time of fellowship and feasting. As a bonus, my kids were able to go sledding in the snow (we won’t be doing much of that in Thailand). The highlight was little Hayden asking me during Junior Church, “What does being saved mean?”—perhaps the dream question of every Baptist Sunday school teacher. All that to say, Sarah was able to take Hayden and others to explain the Gospel and what it means to be saved. Hayden put his faith and trust in Jesus to save him from Hell and give him a home in Heaven. His Mom and family attend church as well.

In Hopkinsville, Kentucky, we stayed with the Froslie family during the church missions conference. Bro. Froslie has served in the U.S. Army faithfully for many years and was able to give Forest and me a tour of Fort Campbell Army Base. Saturday morning, another faithful man in the church, Bro. Ryan, and I visited a street where two different people asked Jesus to save them. The first was Tina, a medical worker who worked the third shift but was awake, ready and receptive to hear the Gospel. With tears she understood what the Bible says about eternity and knowing for sure. The second was a young man named Davion, a senior high school basketball player, who wanted the Lord to save him as he nears graduation. In a rebellious world, Davion and Tina both had such kind and respectful demeanors as I gave the truths from the Scriptures. Please pray that they will be able to attend church faithfully and grow in the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for our group of men and women in Thailand as we serve to bring the people of Thailand to the Lord. The opportunities are great. The Shook, House, Beil, and Thailand families serving in the churches, along with other missionaries working to give the truth in Thailand, would appreciate prayers. Also, please pray for our deputation success as we come into, what we hope, is the final two months before departing back to Thailand. We ask not only for success, but great friendships, safety, good health, and a continual strong dose of joy from our God. May this next month bring many blessings your way as you serve Him.

With thankfulness,

Chad Inman and Family