Caleb Christiansen Prayer Letter:  New Phase of Our LivesLife is full of transitions, and we have begun the next one in our lives. We have just begun full-time deputation. On the 25th of November, I had my last day working at the FBMI office. On the 27th, my wife and I worked our side job for the last time, and we hit the road.

Most of our November was spent in preparing for this next step. For the first year of our marriage, we have purposefully lived very simply. We worked to keep what we owned to a minimum to make going to full-time deputation easier. We went through everything we owned, deciding what we needed to keep and what we would give away to friends or thrift stores. Through this whole process, we determined what we would need to take on the road, what we would keep in storage, and what we would give away. So throughout the month, we gave away or donated most of our possessions.

However, even after trying to keep as little as possible, you never really know how much space your stuff takes up until trying to fit it all in your Ford Focus. Although packing everything into our car at times was a challenge, wondering if everything could fit, we were eventually able to get everything that we needed into the car. We then made the trek from Indiana out to Maine for some meetings, as well as to spend time with family for the holidays.

Please pray as we head into this next phase of our lives. Please pray that our calendar will be filled with meetings and that we can be a blessing to the churches that we visit.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen