Garry Tingson Prayer Letter: We Are So Thankful!The month of November was another busy month for our family. We were scheduled to be in six churches. The beginning of November marked our last meeting in Illinois. We had the privilege of presenting our ministry to First Baptist Church of Pecatonica, Illinois, at their Missions Conference. It was great to be with Pastor David Myers and God’s people there!

From Illinois, we traveled to North Carolina for our next meeting with Freedom Baptist Church in Rural Hall. I was able to present our ministry there, and we heard a powerful message by Clint Fredericks. At the end of the service, they voted to take us on for support. Praise the Lord! What an honor it was also to fellowship with Pastor Jon White after the service.

The next day we traveled to Florida for our next meeting. We had the honor of being with Riverland Baptist Church of Dunnellon, Florida. It was like a reunion even though it was our first time there. Brother Jeansonne updates us missionaries every week on the progress of their church. It’s great to see God working in a mighty way there! I had the honor of presenting our ministry in the evening service and to fellowship with Pastor and Mrs. Carringer after the service.

We were so excited to travel to Durham, North Carolina, to be with Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Rick Finley and FBC have been great friends of our home church over the years. I had the honor of preaching in chapel for the students, presenting our ministry the first night, and being a part of putting together 53,000 John and Romans that will be reaching countless souls in the Philippines. Throughout the conference, we were being spoiled by everybody there. To close the conference, all of us missionary families were showered with gifts as a part of FBC’s Missionary Christmas. We were so humbled at the sacrifice of God’s people there at Fellowship Baptist Church. Praise God! FBC decided to support us!

We then headed north to York, Pennsylvania, to be with Bible Baptist Church at their Wednesday night service. It was good to fellowship with Pastor Bill Schutt and God’s people there. I was honored to present our ministry that night. Our last meeting for the month brought us to Victory Baptist Church of Lexington, North Carolina. We had a great Sunday there with Pastor Jeff Mabe and VBC. We just had a time of revival! What powerful services and messages we had. I had the honor of presenting our ministry that night, and Victory Baptist Church voted to take us on for support. Praise the Lord!

After a jam-packed month of meetings, we were able to travel back to Michigan to be with our family for Thanksgiving. We are so thankful also for these additional churches that have taken us on this month: Salem Baptist Church of Decatur, Illinois; Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church of Toronto, Ontario; First Baptist Church of Gillespie, Illinois; and Shawnee Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you all for your prayers and for those of you who sacrifice in your giving!

Your servant in Christ,

Garry Tingson