Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight:  Families Being ReachedThe work continues! Here are more testimonies from several of our national pastors.

Pastor Paul Aduo

“I was admitted at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. I shared the Gospel with some of my fellow patients, and on Sunday, I had a service with the patients on my ward. Thirty-two people responded to my message on salvation, and I gave everybody a Gospel tract that explained more about salvation.” – Jesus Only Baptist Church, Kunsu, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Aduo graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor Collins Agyei

“We recently had a program called ‘A Soul a Week’ in our church. This resulted in 10 people visiting our church. Mr. Obeng Mensah, who was led to the Lord by one of our church members, is now a regular church attender.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Adwafo, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Agyei graduated from our Bible college in September 2010.]

Pastor George Menyon

“I had the opportunity to present the Gospel to several people in my community this month. What was wonderful was that the Siaway families and the Tarpleh families got saved after hearing the message of salvation. Terry Siaway, Alex Tarpleh, their wives, and their children have been faithfully coming to church and have also joined our discipleship class.” – Grandview Baptist Church, Monrovia, Liberia [Pastor Menyon graduated from our Bible college in September 2009. In July 2011, he returned to Liberia. Pastor Menyon has now had a part in starting 17 churches in Liberia.]

Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu

“Isaac Appiah joined our church over a year ago and has grown to become a faithful and productive member. He is a soul winner and teaches Sunday school. He recently invited me to his house to share the Gospel with his sister, Hannah Appiah. Though Hannah was a Seventh-Day Adventist, she made a decision to stop trusting in the Law upon hearing that faith in Jesus is the only way to Heaven. She has been faithfully coming to church on Sundays.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Kuntanase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Osei-Owusu received a certificate from our Bible college in December 2011.]

Pastor David Pentsil

“It is a great blessing when the salvation of a person leads to other members of the family getting saved; such was the case with Alex Boateng. I met Alex while I was soul winning at Aputuogya. After a short introduction, I spent about an hour giving him the Gospel. Alex trusted Christ as his Saviour that day and started attending our Sunday morning service and weekly Bible study consistently. A couple of weeks later, Alex brought his two brothers, Samuel and Peter, to church, and they both got saved after hearing the Gospel. I visited them in the house later that day and preached to their parents, who also made a decision to trust Christ.” – Fundamental Baptist Church, Feyiase, Ashanti Region, Ghana [Pastor Pentsil graduated from our Bible college in June 2012.]

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