Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  A Cajun Goes HomeEvery few months or so, I make time in our schedule for us to be at our North Carolina home. This allows us time to repack, rest, and recharge for our next stint out on the road. Usually we are out on the road away from home for about three months, with a week or two at home, and then we repeat the process all over again. Whenever we are home, we try to get involved as much as we can in the soul-winning ministries and activities at our church in Durham, North Carolina. We love helping out on my father-in-law’s bus route and going out soul winning in the community with the teen soul-winning team. Not long before we left for out next trip out, I got to lead a teenage young lady named Daneesha to Christ! The end of July and a little bit of August made up our most recent time home, but by the second week of August, we went into full-time traveler mode.

The next leg of our deputation travels was almost entirely in the deep Southeastern region; I say “almost” because the first three meetings we had were in Ohio. The meetings lined up nicely by being fairly close to one another. We started out in Sunbury, Ohio, with Pastor Tullos at Gospel Light Baptist Church on Sunday morning, August 9, and ended the day at Fellowship Baptist Church in Mansfield, Ohio, with Pastor Randy Raynes. Both places were fantastic testimonies of God’s grace. On the following Wednesday, I presented and preached in Jackson, Ohio, at Freedom Baptist Church with Pastor Jerry Eaton. This was also a fun trip that was much too short; we really enjoyed our time in Ohio getting to know some great preachers with wonderful congregations.

Saturday morning, August 22, we arrived in Louisiana prepared for a couple of good meetings and a few days of catching up on some good Cajun cooking. We had a great time on Sunday with Pastor Felix Johnson at Fellowship Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. I got to preach and present our work there to a great group of people. The next day we got to be a part of Central Baptist Church’s annual missions conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They spoiled us rotten there! That church is only 30 minutes away from where I grew up, so I really felt like I was at home. I also discovered that this church was the same one in which I was called to preach! I had forgotten the name of the church for many years, but once I saw the auditorium, I knew for sure that it was the one. It was really special to preach in the very place where I was called to preach. We ended the month in Locust Grove, Georgia, with Pastor Terrell Hopkins at Heritage Baptist Church. Not only did we have a great meeting, but we also got to meet two other good churches in the area because of Pastor Hopkins’ help.

We are at 30% support, with great potential for that number to increase; please pray for this to happen. Will you join me in praying for 50% by the end of the year? I’ve also been given a great opportunity to visit the West Coast next year via the Spiritual Leadership Conference. Please pray that I can schedule meetings along the way as we head out there by car in May 2016. If you have any suggestions or recommendations you can make for churches to contact, please let me know. I’m currently working on that part of our schedule. God be with you all till we meet again.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert