Bob Bowen Prayer Letter:   I Love the Lord!“I LOVE the LORD, because he hath heard my voice and thy supplications.” (Psalm 116:1) I love the LORD for the way He is using me in Southeast Asia. What a blessing to know that my life is making a difference in so many lives in so many places! Still in Thailand, I had the privilege to fill the pulpit Sunday morning, March 2, for Pastor Praun at Grace Baptist Church in Rangsit. That evening I joined missionaries Charlie Vest and Darrell Bolton at First Baptist Nawong with Pastor Eddie Arold.

On Tuesday, March 4, our team of missionaries (Charlie Vest, Darrell Bolton, Mark Bosjie, and “yours truly”) flew to Burma (Myanmar), where we met Pastor Thang Lian in Rangoon. Pastor Lian had successfully smuggled another boatload of Bibles and John & Romans over the border to be distributed to pastors at our Second Annual Pastors’ School in Burma. It is illegal in his country to hold meetings like the one we had scheduled, but God made it possible for 45 national pastors and many church workers to attend this powerful meeting. The teaching was intense, full of great information and instruction, and a great supply of materials were handed out to the nationals. One of the most exciting days at the meeting was when we passed out whole BEAMS Bibles to the pastors. The greatest need for Bibles is always in countries where it is illegal and unavailable. The pastors were so glad to see the Bibles that Christians in America had supplied!

On February 11, the day I left for Thailand, my wife drove to Quincy, Illinois, to be with her 98-year-old mother. We had received word the day before that her mother was hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. After about two weeks of being in and out of the hospital, she was sent home with oxygen and a heart monitor. Jackie stayed in her home to care for her. I could tell it was taking a real toll on my wife, so I made arrangements to fly home one week earlier than scheduled to be with her. We are so thankful for all who prayed for my mother-in-law and are happy to report that she is doing much better now. We appreciate your prayers for Mom for God’s grace to get her through this time of her life.

From Quincy, Jackie and I drove to Newburg, Indiana, to be with Pastor Curtis Hall for the weekend. Then we drove back to Hammond to attend the missions conference at First Baptist Church. What a blessing to hear Dr. Rick Martin tell how God has used him to build a great work in the Philippines and Mark Holmes, missionary to Nigeria, whom God has used to start 22 Baptist churches.

I thank God for giving our pastor, John Wilkerson, a heart for missions. Thank God for the commitment of First Baptist Church to Faith Promise. On Friday, March 28, FBC gave a love offering of over $40,000 to 9 different missionary families attending the conference. What a blessing!

Into all the world,
Brother Bowen
Philippians 4:13