Darrell Ratcliff Prayer Letter:  Over 500 Saved in Evangelistic CampaignDear Praying Friends,

Wow! So much has happened since our last prayer letter! The Lord has blessed in a powerful way, allowing me to teach in several Bible institutes about doing the work of an evangelist. By the way, we would ask that you continue to pray with us for 100-300 fiery evangelists to be raised up to preach Christ to the multitudes, help build and start churches, raise up more full-time servants, and train churches to be more effective soul winners for the glory of Christ. People are surrendering, and many great decisions have been made to do the work of an evangelist and reach precious souls for Christ.

One day as I was leaving where I was staying to go and teach in a Bible institute, a man asked me for a ride downtown. Now normally I don’t pick up people or give people rides because of the violence and insecurity here in Mexico. However, in this instance the Lord put it on my heart to give him a ride. In the course of conversation, I shared with him what I do—reach people for Christ so they can know for sure that Heaven will be their home. The man said, “I would like to know that.” So I proceeded to share the Gospel with him as I was driving. Then I said, “Would you like to pray and receive Christ as your Saviour?” He said he would, so right there as I was driving down the road, he asked Christ to be his personal Saviour and was so excited. Oh, there are so many people who want to know about Christ if we will just tell them!

I was preaching in an evangelistic campaign in Villahermosa, Tabasco, for 3 days; and the Lord blessed with around 1,100 in attendance. The pastor told me that over 800 people received Christ as their Saviour. To God be all the glory! Later in Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla, we did another evangelistic campaign with a young church running about 30 in attendance. I always encourage churches to prepare in several ways; for instance, prayer, publicity, follow-up, and also getting other independent Baptist churches in neighboring towns and cities to help. This pastor followed the plan of preparation that I sent, and the Lord blessed in a powerful way with over 1,000 people registered in attendance. Praise the Lord! Over 500 people trusted Christ as their Saviour! The pastor was overwhelmed with the blessings that the Lord sent. Oh, my friends, the Bible is so true when it says, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

Thank you for joining with us through your love, prayers, and support that are helping us to reach precious souls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours for souls,

Darrell Ratcliff
Philippians 4:13