Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  Great Things Are Beginning; What a Great God We Serve!We serve an almighty God, and it is a joy and privilege to do so with you as our partners! Through your prayers and financial support, we have seen many saved, spent much time discipling converts, spent time training current and future servants, and begun founding a young church. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to serve a risen Saviour on your behalf!

The schools here are often privately owned and managed, which means the one in charge chooses who can address the students. God opened the door to preach in several schools as they were preparing for a semester break. Praise God! Through these efforts over many days, we saw many saved!

When God is at work, it is amazing to see His plan unfold and an honor to be a part as He uses us to accomplish His purpose. I received an email from a pastor in the USA, asking me to connect with a man here in Kenya—”M,” a former Muslim. I contacted “M,” and we arranged to meet. The American pastor had begun teaching “M” Baptist doctrine, and that’s where I picked up. We have been meeting regularly now for two months. About our third meeting, while reviewing salvation by grace through faith, he was unable to share a time when he had called on Christ. With great joy, I was able to lead “M” to call on Christ as his personal Saviour, a door which God had opened wide. He has a tremendous burden to reach Muslims with the news of the one true God and Saviour, Christ Jesus. Of course, with God’s involvement, this is possible, but it is also a great challenge and can be dangerous. “M” has paid a great price for turning from Allah to Christ! Please pray with us in preparing “M” to preach the Gospel to those who are trapped in the lies of Muslim teaching. I fully believe that God is at work in his life, our meetings, and what lies ahead. As we have taught him a methodical presentation of sharing Christ, he has been bold in sharing salvation with Muslims, which is his newfound passion. Amen!

We have worked with a young church in a suburb of Nairobi and watched this young pastor and church grow from a few people meeting in a home to renting a school facility and then needing to set up a tent on school grounds, as they outgrew the classroom on our previous visits to Kenya. Our desire is to have this be our launching point to reach throughout East Africa, as was the church at Antioch for Paul and Barnabas. The pastor and church are a joy to work with, as they have a great desire to learn scriptural doctrine. We are in the early stages of preparing Greater Vision Baptist Church to be a soul-winning and missionary-sending ministry. Over recent weeks, we have begun to guide their music program to be spiritually focused. Just last week, the church began a yearlong theme to be “A Church With a Purpose.” Please pray with us as we teach and preach along this line, to culminate at the end of the year in establishing a missionary-sending program through them!

Thank you once again for making these things possible. It is with much anticipation that I look forward to sharing what great things God will do as we continue on as your co-laborers in Africa!

Your servants and His,

Andy & Connie Richey