Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  Joy in the Service for Our LordThank you again for your support and prayers as we follow the Lord here in the kingdom of Thailand. With our family of five all having birthdays within one month, we thank you for the encouraging messages, cards, and gracious notes. Your efforts of kindness are always appreciated! Every week here seems like a long time, and so much happens. Here is a snapshot of what the Lord is doing.

Salvation Stories

I met Kun Gaow on a hot Tuesday afternoon. He received a tract and seemed interested. I took him through the beginnings, and then he had several customers. A week later at almost the exact same time, we returned, and my wife gave him a full presentation from the Bible on how to be saved. Kun Gaow remembered his friend’s grandma, who was a Christian, when he was 10 years old, and he always wanted to know what being a Christian was all about. He is now 30 years old, married, has two kids with one on the way, and has also trusted in Jesus. Kun Ched received Jesus at the market where he works. El and I gave him the Gospel. Several of our church members had been praying for Joy to be saved. We visited her house, and she was ready to receive salvation as Tan and I relayed the truth of the Gospel. In downtown Hua Hin next to the train station, Gang and Mong were sitting on a bench with no customers. This gave us plenty of time to give them the plan of salvation.


In preparation for launching our youth department, great work has been done to our new teen center. My wife Sarah is doing an amazing job translating for the Sunday school class. As a team, we work hard to make the lessons understandable. With being out of the country for 2.5 years, her reentrance into strong Thai fluency is a miraculous answer to prayer. My Thai learning is also increasing, with tutoring during the week and multiplied hours of study. The language here is a constant, lifelong pursuit, where you never completely arrive, and there is always more to learn. However, the humility aspect that comes from never arriving and the need for God’s help is another way that the Lord is glorified, which supersedes all else. Visitation and soul winning have been steady, with five or six, one- to two-hour sessions per week. Through church-wide obedience to the Great Commission, we have seen more saved on a weekly basis, with many first-time visitors. I also have the honor of overseeing the Nong Plop church plant from June 1 to August 26 while Bro. Randy Shook and his wife are in the States. This church, started by Bro. Randy Shook and one of our faithful young men Star, has had a steady flow of first-time visitors and strong attendances in the last few weeks. Star and I (as Bro. Shook and Star have done for months) go out visiting in the local area each Sunday afternoon and at other times during the week. For the last three weeks, we have been able to see someone receive Jesus. A mom listened intently at 5:15 one Sunday afternoon, trusted in Jesus, and was in church with her family by 6 p.m., along with her friend who had been witnessed to the week before. Amen. We are thankful to have Jonathan and Brittany Beil visiting us here in Thailand for one month. We are also happy to have Matthew Bosje with us for two months. Their help, friendship, and encouragement are greatly appreciated. The Lord has used them mightily thus far during their time here.

Prayer Requests

We pray for more laborers and missionaries, here and abroad, to be called to Thailand, serving during and after our decades of service here. Please continue to pray for our youth department as we complete work on the building, along with the continued, consistent making of friends, soul winning, and invitations. Please pray for the many who were saved in the prior weeks to attend church and grow spiritually. Pray for our church to be able to buy land. My family and I thank you for your faithfulness and desire to further the Lord’s work. May your summer be a blessed one.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family