Andrew Chafa Prayer Letter:  Busy About the Lord's WorkWe pray this letter finds you well and busy in the work of the Lord. As the year rapidly passes by, we are mindful to pray for you and also thankful for your support through prayer and notes. THANK YOU!

Our schedule has been busy with meetings and conferences, for which we thank God for arranging. It is our desire to reach Thailand as soon as possible, but we are so thankful for the Christians we are meeting along the way and the souls being saved. Each time someone bows their head and calls upon Jesus, I want to shout, “Glory!” What a day it shall be when we join together in Heaven, giving praise to the Lamb!

With fall setting in and the leaves quickly changing and falling, I think of the urgency of the business of reaching lost souls while we have time. “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4) What an exciting time we live in to reach those we can for Christ!

Answered Prayers:

1. Consistent meetings
2. Increased support
3. Safety while traveling
4. Souls saved

Prayer Requests:

1. Safety and God’s protection
2. Productive meetings
3. Souls saved
4. Men to answer the call to go to the mission field

Praises to God:

1. Divine appointments with men who trusted Christ
2. His faithfulness in providing
3. Answered prayers for our children

Thank you for your support and prayers as co-laborers in Christ,

Andrew and Summer Chafa