Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Prayer Letter:  By Grace!We are so thankful for the pastors and churches that God, in His grace, has used to be such an encouragement to us during our time here in the States. Our schedule is full until we return to Tanzania next month; and during the time between June and November, we will have taught, preached, and presented the ministry in 31 meetings, some of which were conferences, all by the grace of God!! In other words, we did not approach any of the pastors. God touched the hearts of a few pastors directly, but He also used other pastors, evangelists, and lay people to encourage pastors to invite our family to share about the great need and opportunities for ministry in Tanzania and to preach on HIS marvelous grace. He continues to supply our needs as a family completely by faith in His grace without listing our financial needs.

It is impossible to share all of the awesome opportunities we have had in August and September, but we would like to share a few highlights.

God used our Tanzanian puppet friends, Rosie and Freddy (Sarah and Timothy), on several occasions in special children’s meetings throughout the months of August and September. They taught Swahili songs, quoted Bible verses, and helped in the teaching of the Bible lessons. A clear presentation of the Gospel based on the story of the Philippian Jailer or the Samaritan Woman was given. Throughout these meetings, many children made decisions to receive Christ as their personal Saviour. Praise the Lord!

As many of you know, God, by His marvelous grace, enabled us to video tape 15 more Gospel programs in Swahili for broadcast in East Africa. There are now 52 Gospel programs in Swahili. We thank the Lord for the ability to use the avenue of media to get the Gospel to the uttermost. Please take a moment right now, and pray for the harvest in East Africa and that God would send forth more laborers into the harvest field of Tanzania.

The last Sunday of September, we had the awesome opportunity to preach in Swahili at an African church made up mostly of refugees from East Africa and Congo. There were also some Kenyans and Tanzanians. The pastor is a Kenyan, who trusted Christ many years ago under the ministry of American missionaries. Our oldest daughter Bethany and son-in-law Micah drove four hours to be with us. As we did puppets in Swahili for the entire church, Bethany, who had brought her puppet, “surprised” her sister Vivian (Sarah) and brother Freddy (Timothy) in a grand reunion. Everyone went wild with laughter and just loved them! Rachel, Sarah, Timothy, Bethany, and Micah (who taught the lesson) stayed with the children, while I preached the main service. We had 3 children and 2 Tanzanian adults (a husband and wife) trust Christ as their personal Saviour. Praise the Lord!! We are truly thankful for
Bro. Jones, whose desires to see Africans come to know the Lord, both in Africa and the USA, set up several meetings for us in which a total of 7 trusted Christ as their personal Saviour.

November 24, the date for which we hold one-way tickets to Tanzania, is rapidly approaching. Upon our arrival in Tanzania, we will be facing a monumental transition (a.k.a. move to the city of Tabora, 14 hours to the west of where we have lived since first arriving in Tanzania back in 1995). Please pray with us that we will be sensitive to the Lord’s leading to the house in which He wants us to live in Tabora and a suitable 4-wheel drive vehicle.
It is truly such a blessing and encouragement to know that you are “helping together by prayer for us.”

“Life is simply our faith in HIS grace!