Andres and Martha Nunez Prayer Letter: Praise the Lord!Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers. I apologize again for the lateness of this prayer letter. We are doing very well, praise the Lord! I have been bothered with a dry cough for more than 15 years. I have gone to many doctors here and in Venezuela, but they have found nothing. Tomorrow I will go see the doctor one more time, because the cough is getting very strong, and when I breathe, my chest hurts. Please pray that the doctor can find a remedy for the cough. Thank you.

The church is doing very well. We used to meet every two weeks, but now we will be allowed to meet every Sunday, praise the Lord! Some of the members were tired of staying at home doing nothing. The attendances have increased from 19 to 35, praise the Lord. I still send a sermon every week, and Bro. Eduardo teaches the Sunday school.

We have a new member named Angela. My wife led her to the Lord seven years ago, but she could not come to church because her husband was against churches. Now the Lord has changed her husband’s mind, and Hna. Angela has been coming to the church for more than a month. She brings another seven people with her to church—she has her own bus route, praise the Lord!

Please keep praying for Venezuela. Pray also for me; I would like to go back to Venezuela in January. My wife doesn’t think the time is right for me to go, but many things can happen in two months. Please let’s keep praying together for the WORLD (I TIMOTHY 2:1-4).

Prayer Requests

• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela


The Nunez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela