Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter:  The Lord Hath Done EXCELLENT Things!Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.” (Isaiah 12:5)

The Lord hath done EXCELLENT things! As we have crossed this country from corner to corner in the last 15 months, it has been a blessing to tell of the excellent things the Lord has done in China. I want to let all of you know, though, that He continues to do excellent things in America as well! There is an unbelievable army of good, God-fearing, uncompromising, Devil-hating, Bible-loving, soul-winning Christians across this country! They are led weekly by faithful, hardworking, loving men of God who just want to see God get the glory and rescue another soul from Hell. These great soldiers of the Lord are being used of God to do excellent things all over this country.

In the last 15 months of travel, we have driven from Seattle, Washington, to Naples, Florida, to Elmira, New York, to Yuma, Arizona, and a bunch of places in between. Praise the Lord for the churches that have taken us on after our most recent journey to the Southwest. Thank you to all of them and the rest of our supporting churches that have entrusted us with the task of reaching China with the Gospel! We frequently hear from our Chinese Christian friends who have questions about their lives and how they should serve God in various situations. We are eager to return to where we can better serve them.

There is no more excellent thing than that of salvation. Last Saturday, Joseph Johnson learned of this excellent thing the Lord did. I met him when our paths crossed as we were walking down the street. When I asked if he knew if he’d go to Heaven, he quickly responded with a “Yes.” When asked HOW he knew, he gave a testimony of trusting in good works. After leading him through some verses concerning that topic, Joseph allowed me the time to tell him about THE excellent way to Heaven through Jesus. Like a switch turning on, he realized he needed to accept Jesus as his Savior and did so right there. The Lord does excellent things!

Please be in prayer that . . .

• We will raise the last 10% of our support before next summer.
• We will have the wisdom necessary to get our paperwork done correctly.
• We will blend in and not draw unwanted attention.
• The current heightened tensions between nations won’t affect our visa request.
• The people we work with will have safety, wisdom, prudence, and understanding.
• We will have divine appointments and connections.

Bound to His service,

Missionary #6004