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Ricardo and Maria Leyva Prayer Letter: Faith in Action

Ricardo and Maria Leyva Prayer Letter: Faith in ActionWe started the month of April with the same plan of having services in homes. Now we are allowed to have up to three families per home, but no more than 20 people.

The Cuban pastor and I are working together to make things more practical. Every other day, we go out to pass out Gospel tracts at the long lines outside the stores. Lines begin very early; they can last up to late afternoon and many times until the evening.

One day I was gone from our home for an hour. When I came back, my wife was very sick. I wasn’t sure if I should take her to a particular doctor or go straight to the hospital. My wife said, “Take me to a doctor,” which I immediately did. Thank God, it was only an infection, and the doctor gave her medicine for it. She got better right away and is doing fine now.

In late April, my wife and I flew to the United States to be at our son’s graduation from Bible college. We arrived a few days early to rest and spend time with our son. A couple from our home church has a small house behind theirs in a very quiet and relaxed area, and they make this home available to missionaries. We stayed there the entire time.

On Friday, April 30, our son Moses graduated from Bible college. It was a joyous occasion after years of study and personal training. His mother and I are proud of him and felt privileged to attended his graduation. Now that he is a graduate, he is going to wait on the Lord’s direction for a place to serve.

My wife and I enjoyed being in our home church in Hammond, Indiana, to salute our pastor and brothers in Christ. We also visited brothers and sisters of mine who live in Chicago. My mother, who is 81 years old, lives with one of my sisters in Chicago. One day we got together to have a meal and fellowship. I was glad to spend time with my mother.

Finally, our time in the USA came to end. On May 11, my wife and I flew back to the mission field. A stop in Mexico is a must. For many years now, Mexico has been the easiest place to get necessary items for our ministry. We bought some medicines and other items that can’t be found in Cuba, and then we took off to Cuba.

We were glad to see our brothers in Christ in Cuba. They have joy in their hearts, peace on their faces, and faith in their actions, even with all that is going on in their country.

Please continue to pray for:

1. Our health.
2. Power for soul winning.
3. Our finances.

In His service,

Ricardo Leyva

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