Tim Shook Prayer Letter: To Turn Them From Darkness“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:18)

With every news update and media video regarding the world’s events, whether COVID-related or politically charged, we are reminded that one thing has not changed during these increasingly unstable times—the Gospel!

For several months, our family and the other team members and staff have been going to visit and give the Gospel in smaller groups. We are seeing the country remain cautious to keep the virus (COVID-19) at bay, but they are also looking for ways to ease some restrictions. This has allowed our team and church to return to our church’s weekly, soul-winning efforts. Our first week back, God opened hearts and allowed over 30 people in total to come to Christ from the different groups that went out. Our family was able to pass many tracts out and personally see 2 people trust Christ. Missy had the opportunity to lead a young lady named Poiy to the Lord. A week ago, Missy was visiting a teen girl who comes to our church in the same area. She was talking with the girl’s neighbors when she saw a young lady (Poiy) walk by wearing an employee uniform from a local store, Big C. Missy had hoped to catch up with the lady to give her a tract, but when they finished chatting with the neighbors, the lady had already passed by and out of sight. What a thrill it was to Missy that God allowed that lady to walk down the same road while we were visiting that night. Poiy’s heart was open, and she excitedly listened to the Gospel and trusted Jesus to be her Saviour. Please pray for Poiy that she will have time off of work to come to church and that she will read the John and Romans that she was given.

Aside from intentional visiting, soul winning, and giving out tracts, our family has been praying for opportunities to give the Gospel on a daily basis. There is a particular monk who works at a Buddhist temple near our house. This man is dressed like a woman monk and is often seen walking the streets barefoot in a state of sadness and misery. We have seen him walking on a busy road or into the temple grounds but have not had the opportunity to stop to talk with him about God. Missy and Lauren began to pray for this man’s soul and the chance to talk with him face to face. Last week they were walking to a school-supply shop, and the only other person on the sidewalk coming toward them was the monk. Missy pulled out a tract and talked with him for a few minutes. He told her that he had just lost a good friend that week who had died in a car accident on that very road. Missy explained that what was inside the tract was good news about Heaven. He accepted the tract and continued to say thank you. He had somewhere to be, so Missy was not able to explain further. What a miracle it was that God finally brought their paths together. Please pray that he will read the tract and get saved.

We started a new Bible study in Petcheburi, the city one hour north of our church. We have over 10 faithful church members who attend church every week from this city. One of the faithful members, Sinooan, opened up her home for this Bible study. Some of the church staff and team attended the Bible study also. Sinooan invited her husband, family members who live nearby, and some neighbors to attend. We have all been praying for her husband to get saved for the past three years. After two of our staff shared their salvation testimonies and a lesson was taught on salvation and Heaven, her husband and 6 other people prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. What a victorious night! We will be meeting once a month at her house, and we start next month by teaching Book 1 in the Foundations of My Faith discipleship series. Please pray for these believers as they grow in the Lord and learn more about sharing Him with the world.

Each week the churches in Hua Hin and Nong Plab have had visitors, salvations, and baptisms. God is adding to the church and strengthening His believers as they continue to step out by faith to trust Him with their lives and as they strive to reach others for Him.

The church in Hua Hin celebrated Thai Mother’s Day on Sunday, August 9. Many of our members invited family and friends to come. Each mother was given a free tote with a lovely, flowered picture that included our church name and the inscription, Happy Mother’s Day.

Emma Long, the daughter of our dear friends, Jeremy and Priscilla, turned 13 in July. For one of her birthday gifts from a friend, she asked that it be given to help someone in Thailand. Emma sent her $100 birthday money to us to help Kwan (pictured below with Missy and Lauren). Kwan is not yet 13, and for such a young age, she has faced great difficulties. She had to drop out of school to help her father, who is unwell, sell food to make a living. Kwan was invited to church by one of our faithful members, Khun Pathum, who was also her neighbor. Kwan has been coming to our church for several months now. Since then, she has trusted Christ to be her Saviour, and she followed Him in baptism just last Sunday. We were blessed to be the conduit of Emma’s giving to help Kwan. Her amazing gift purchased clothing, shoes, and food for Kwan and her family. Thank you, sweet Emma, for your sacrifice that made a difference for eternity!

Mark and Lauren have started a new school year. Lauren is in 9th grade, and Mark is in 8th grade. Both are busy with music studies in piano and Mark in cello. They are faithful to help us in the ministry as we visit, go soul winning, and work in many different areas. It is a true blessing for us to serve the Lord together as a family.

We greatly appreciate your prayers as we begin to plan and develop the land. I have a meeting with the architect this week to start the beginning stages. After plans are drawn up and approved by the Ministry of Land, we can begin to build.

Your faithful support and prayers allow us to stay and serve the Lord in Thailand. God is doing great things through the willingness and faithfulness of the team, staff, and church members of the ministries here. Thank you! Your giving is not in vain.

Your missionary,

Tim Shook