Jerry Wyatt III Prayer Letter: Soccer Sunday and Tanzanian Stadium CrusadeBenjamin’s Story

We have arrived back in the States for a short visit. We have had a wonderful time reconnecting with family. While at a park, Rachel noticed a young teen boy, whom she recognized as potentially being from Africa. She spoke with him, and he was from Burundi. To our surprise, he spoke Swahili. Rachel called me over, and I was able to witness to him. After a few questions, it was evident that he was religious but was relying on his works for salvation. Right there at the park, I was able to lead Benjamin to the Lord in Swahili. What a blessing it was to be able to minister in Swahili, even though we were 8,000 miles away from home!

Soccer Sunday

We praise the Lord for a wonderful Soccer Sunday this year. This Sunday is always our biggest Sunday service of the year. We did not know what the turnout would be because of the current pandemic, but we were blessed when the Sunday arrived and there were 960 in church, with 35 trusting Christ.

Tanzanian Stadium Crusade

Every year we have a team from a supporting church come to help with our crusade. Because of all the travel restrictions, the team from Calvary Baptist Church had their tickets canceled just weeks before they were to travel. There were many obstacles, but we praise the Lord that the team was able to come and participate in the crusade. Again, because of all the restrictions this year, we were praying that God would allow us to hold the event. We did have to take extra precautions, as well as change the event to a weekday. God was in control the whole time, and He truly worked this year. We saw 5,089 come to the event. After the preaching of the Gospel, we had 651 fill out decision cards, denoting that they had trusted Christ as Saviour. Our website contains exciting videos for both the Tanzanian Stadium Crusade, as well as Soccer Sunday. We encourage you to check those out!

Radio Transition

Our biggest prayer request right now is for our radio station. We are moving forward to transition the radio from being a separate entity to being a part of our local mission. Please pray that God’s will would be done through this process. There is much red tape involved, and we need divine intervention.


Jerry & Rachel Wyatt