Team Thailand Update:  Thankful to Serve With a TeamNovember is the month of thanksgiving; and as an American living in a foreign country, I find myself overloaded with gratitude just about every day. There are so many things for which we, as Christians, can be thankful. I am especially thankful for the five family units, including my family, that represent our team here in Hua Hin, Thailand: Randy & Carmen Shook, Chad & Sarah Inman (along with their three children), Scott & Kristi Mercer (along with their two children), and Miss Shari House.

At different times each team member has found themselves saying, “What a blessing it is to work here as a team!” We have the privilege to work every day with godly Christians who are yielded to the Lord’s calling and who are willing to be team players as we work to fulfill the Great Commission.

For the next few months I would like to highlight each team family unit and share a story from their work here on the team. I would like to start with my parents, Randy & Carmen Shook:

Randy and Carmen Shook have served in the ministry for over 50 years. God has used my father as a pastor, as an assistant pastor, as a school administrator and principal, and now as a missionary in Thailand. Together they have reached and influenced many people, including their seven children and their children’s families, for the Lord’s glory.

In 2010, they decided to visit my sister and me and our families on the mission field in Thailand. After their visit, the Lord began to work in their hearts and lead them to return to Thailand in February of 2012 to serve with Team Thailand. They bring such an exuberant spirit to the team as they willingly serve and work with the nationals and the other team members.

A specific story stands out as I think of my parents and their involvement here: One of our faithful Thai staff ladies has been a Christian for years. She stays busy in our ministry as she cares for the cleaning of all the buildings and as she prepares the Sunday afternoon meals. One day, this dear lady shared with me how much of a blessing Carmen Shook has been to her. She told me that when they first came to our church, she was not interested in going out visiting or soul winning. In fact, she said, there were times that she would refuse to go out because she was scared. Not long after my parents moved to Thailand, they began bringing people to church in their truck, and my mom encouraged this lady to visit with her. Our staff friend said that she didn’t want to tell Grandma “No” out of respect for her, so she started going out every Saturday on visitation. Today, she is a Sunday school translator, faithful soulwinner, and an aggressive witness! Her testimony is, “It is because of Grandma Shook that I am a soulwinner today.” What a testimony!

I hope you will enjoy reading about our team members each month. We are a blessed team, and I count it the joy of my life to serve with such humble and willing Christians.

We are seeing souls saved weekly, and what a thrill is has been to watch the Lord build Independent Baptist Church of Hua Hin! Please continue to pray as we have the discipleship program translated and as we continue to plan the expansion of our ministries in the upcoming year.

Your prayers and monthly support make our work possible, and for that we are very thankful. We trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank you for supporting God’s work here in Thailand!

Tim Shook & Team Thailand