Team Thailand Update:  Members Growing Up in the LordFebruary and March were exciting months for the team. In February we had a special Valentine’s service. We had many of our faithful couples bring visitors. We gave fancy chocolates and a free 8×10 professional portrait to each married couple that came. We also had our first Lord’s Supper service. This was a special time for our church. Many of our members are new Christians, and this was their first time to experience and understand the importance of communion in a believer’s life.

Then near the end of February, former Team Thailand leader and director of FBMI, Dr. Mark Bosje, along with his wife Amber, came for a quick visit. We had the privilege to hear Dr. Bosje preach several times on Sunday, and the team and church staff enjoyed an afternoon of fellowship with the Bosjes one day, as well. Near the end of their trip, I had the opportunity to preach and teach with Bro. Bosje at a Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference he hosted in Northern Thailand. A missionary, whom our church supports, came from Laos with some of his Bible institute students and other pastors and church workers. This group of 20-plus men took two days to learn from our teaching and preaching. What an encouragement it was to meet these men and hear their testimonies of faithfulness to the Lord.

I would like you to meet Khun Saun. Her two girls, Baythong and Pingpong, have been attending church for over three years. Mrs. Amber Bosje reached this family and brought the two girls to church every Sunday. Khun Saun’s husband never allowed her to go to church, but he would let the girls attend every week.

Last August Khun Saun came to church for the first time to attend our ladies’ meeting. The girls were so excited to have their mom at church. The week after the conference, one of our staff couples visited Khun Saun at her house, and that day she was led to the Lord. She asked if she could have her own Bible because her oldest daughter Baythong loved her Bible and read it all the time. One night Khun Saun wanted to read “the book that her daughter loved so much,” and she found the Bible under Baythong’s pillow. Later, when Baythong woke up, she very upset because her Bible was missing. Khun Saun said that her girls loved church and came home every week and told her what they were learning in their classes.

She was given permission to attend church once more last fall for her youngest daughter’s birthday. Her daughter told their father that all she wanted for her birthday was for their mom to be able to go to church. The Lord has softened the father’s heart and has allowed Khun Saun to attend every Sunday morning since that day. She has grown in the Lord and has brought visitors also. One church service she gave her testimony and said that she was excited to get baptized this year on her daughter’s birthday!

What a joy it is to see God’s people growing in Him.

Thank you for your support as our team works to teach and train those whom the Lord is allowing us to reach for His kingdom and the furtherance of the Gospel.

Tim Shook & Team Thailand