Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Many in Village Getting to Understand the True GospelThank you for partnering with Team Ghana and our church-planting efforts. Please pray that, through these men, their families, and ministries, Christ would be magnified.

Pastor Rexford Aning

“Anas Boateng is a Muslim convert who has been in our church for about three years. Anas is now in a boarding house at Techiman Secondary School. Anas came to me last month needing advice on how to be closer to God when he has no good church to attend in the school. I advised him and gave him our discipleship lessons to study and teach others also on a weekly basis.

“Quansah Prince, one of our soul winners, had been in a sad mood for almost two weeks. When I asked him why he had been sad, he said ‘Pastor, since you encouraged us to study the Bible, I have been trying as much as I can. What makes me sad is when I read the Bible and do not understand it.’ I found out that Prince was struggling with the English; he was trying to read too many chapters at a time. I encouraged him just to try to understand one verse at a time. He says that advice has helped him greatly. Glory to His name for church members who want to know Him!” – Fiapre, Sunyani, Ghana

Pastor Thomas Asare

“Many people in my village are getting to understand the true Gospel of Jesus. Faustina Dwomo, a junior high school teacher, decided to join our church after her salvation. She has been faithful ever since. Mr. Kwakye, my church member, took me to Candy’s house. Candy got saved and promised to come to church. She did come; she was baptized and is now a faithful member of our church. Mr. Kwadwo Poku was introduced to me by his wife. I talked to him, and he got saved in his house. He promised to come and did on the first week. Please pray for the completion of our church building.” – Foase, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Pastor Erasco Domah

“This year we have decided to focus our soul winning in the New Tappita community where we plan to build our church building. Many people are moving to this new community to build their own homes and live. There is no church in this community, so we have moved there with our soul-winning team. Many people are getting saved weekly. The community leader, Mr. John Menlor, and his wife Vonyee got saved last week and have planned to join our church. Please pray for our new project.” – Tappita, Nimba County, Liberia

Pastor Philip Gafatsi

“Last month my wife Peace invited to church a teenage boy named Mawuli Kubge. I won him to Christ, and he came to church. Now he has started coming with us soul winning.
“Evelyn Agbotsu asked me to preach the funeral for her uncle. At the funeral I introduced myself and my church to them. Then I proceeded to preach. I asked them where they would go if they were to lie down like Evelyn’s uncle. As I asked that question, the place got quiet. They paid attention as I preached the Gospel to them. Many of them put their faith in Jesus and glorified God for the message. Amen.” – Sokode, Volta Region, Ghana

Pastor and Mrs. Thomas Asare Broni

Pastor and Mrs. Thomas Asare Broni