Christopher Sage Prayer Letter:  It's Amazing What the Lord Can Do!Thank you very much for your prayers and support over the past two months. The Lord has been working in the new church plant in Tizapan and on our bus routes in Guadalajara, and He gave us a major breakthrough in the new church plant in San Augustin!

The Lord has given us a good, consistent attendance in Tizapan. Some of the folks have returned since the doctrinal fall of the previous pastor, and others have not; but the Lord has given us a good number of new people in the church also. Pastor Murillo has been very generous to give us a family each week from Guadalajara to help in Tizapan with the nursery and Sunday school. We also had a ladies’ meeting in March with 10 ladies from Tizapan and 24 overall!

I have been helping at the new church in San Augustin on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Lord gave us a building of our own to meet for church, and there has been a great surge in attendance there! The church met in the very small house of the pastor for the first two years, and it was so limited in space that it affected the growth. The building is on a major street, is very visible to everyone in the surrounding colonies, offers great opportunity for advertisement and parking, and is much larger. The area is exploding with growth, but such a location seemed impossible. It is amazing what the Lord can do!

We started a 5-week program in April for our Bus Ministry in Guadalajara. Last week the Lord gave us 40 visitors, with 26 saved in church and 5 baptisms! Please pray for the Lord to work at our church in Guadalajara and on our bus routes!

We are preparing for our Anniversary Conference and Marriage Retreat the first week of May, too; and we need your prayers for that. I would like to ask you to pray that as many as possible from our new church plants would also take advantage of the opportunities. Another special prayer request is for the healing of Mrs. Murillo, as she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has begun treatments.

Again, thank you very much for your prayers and support.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage