Tim Shook Prayer Letter: God Is WorkingIn August, our church celebrated Mother’s Day. This is a special Sunday every year, where each mother is honored with a flower and a small ceremony of appreciation. We had several of our regular members bring their mothers as visitors. It was a sweet day.

Mark and Lauren started a new school year in August. They are well into their first semester, with Mark in sixth grade and Lauren in seventh grade, and enjoying their new teachers and classes.

God has been working in the hearts of some of our Karen church members regarding assurance of salvation. As explained to us by our staff member Khun Star, who is Karen, there are some who believe that they are going to Heaven simply because they were born into a Christian family. As our church continues to preach the truth of salvation by grace through faith, we have had several members in recent months understand the truth of the Gospel for the first time and truly become born again. What a wonderful thing it is to see these church members receiving assurance of salvation once and for all and following the Lord Jesus in baptism.

Due to heavy rains and an unusually long rainy season, there has been much flooding in Burma. Our church voted to send Khun Star, along with his sister Amu and his wife Rain (all Burmese-born), to their home villages to distribute tracts, John and Romans, provisions, and medical supplies. International Baptist Church of Hua Hin gave $1,000 for the needed food and supplies. Our team missionaries donated an additional $350 for their travel expenses. For several years, Khun Star has had a vision and burden to preach what he has learned since becoming a member of our church and ministries. He traveled throughout his village and the surrounding villages, giving the Gospel and teaching the truth about salvation by grace through faith alone. Each of the village churches opened their doors to hear him preach. He was able to see over 300 people saved through personal soul winning and preaching in just under two weeks’ time! Many begged him to return and teach them more. We rejoice in this great victory! Please pray for us as we share Khun Star’s burden for the people of Burma. We pray that God will use the work here to continue to teach and train young men to go back to their home villages and cities to preach to those who are lost and also to teach and train those who are already believers.

While out making visits and inviting folks to church, Missy had the opportunity to lead an elderly lady to Christ. After she had given the lady a church tract, the lady walked down the road toward her house. About 10 minutes later, Missy saw her sitting on a bench in her house-shop reading the tract. Missy and Lauren joined her on the bench and began to talk with her. After talking for a while, the lady said that she knew that Hell was real and that is was impossible to be good enough, on her own, for Heaven. The Lord opened her heart, and she received Jesus as her Saviour. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to freely go and give the good news. The people here are seeking for the truth, and they just need a willing believer to go and tell.

Lauren is excelling in her piano practices and lessons, and we are excited to see her start to use her talents for the Lord in church. She has been helping accompany one of the children’s singing groups, which Miss Shari House leads.

While in the middle of a Building Fund program, we look around every Sunday and wonder how we will fit one more person in the auditorium. We talked with the owner about tearing down the connecting wall between the buildings where our auditorium and children’s classes are located. We currently rent four storefront buildings, which accommodate our auditorium, nurseries, children’s classes, teen class, and adult Sunday schools. The owner agreed to the expansion plan. The renovations are nearly completed. It has been wonderful to have extra space for visitors and room for a platform and altar. Please continue to pray for our ministries as we raise money for land. The need is great, but we know that God is greater!

Thank you for your support each month. We are honored to partner with you here in Southeast Asia.

For Him,

Tim Shook