Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Victor Wore a Tie!We are thankful for your support and prayers. Thank you for being so faithful so we can fulfill His will for our lives here in Argentina. We are thankful He chose us to work for His glory here. We are thankful for many things, so we always want to glorify Him with our praise.

Never underestimate what God does through all parts of the ministry. In July, our sending-church pastor and his wife came for a 10-day visit. It was exciting to see the look on people’s faces as they shook hands and gave hugs to someone from another country who cared about their spiritual welfare. Victor, the song leader at the church where Susie teaches Sunday school, even wore a tie when we went soul winning—we don’t wear ties here when out soul winning! We are thankful for their encouraging visit and that neither one got sick while here. The Lord worked everything out to a T.

While they were here, we led over 50 to Christ! Pastor Worley led a young man to Christ as I interpreted, and Mrs. Worley was handing out tracts to everyone who walked by. They were so involved! He preached several times, and Mrs. Worley sang a special and helped Susie in the Sunday school.

It was a great month for His glory! In total, we led 35 to Christ, we stood praying as 21 more received Him, and we gave 18 Bibles.
We are so thankful that you pray for us. As always, please pray for our health and safety. They have started burning the sugar cane fields, and there is smoke and ash everywhere. Pray that we don’t develop any breathing problems. Susie has already had bronchitis twice this year.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson