Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Prayers NeededGreetings in the name of our risen Lord! We hope you are enjoying your spring as much as we are enjoying our fall. The only bad thing about fall here is that it is so dry. Sometimes the dust in the air resembles a cloud. Very few trees change colors. It’s bad on Susie’s sinuses also, but the temperatures sure are nice.

The seminary is off to a great start, and the dorms are almost remodeled. Our recent trip to the newest church plant in Taco Pozo went well. We preached 2 services, with 18 and 22 in attendance. Two received Christ after the Sunday night service, and we were informed this week that they and 2 more were baptized the following week. We personally, by the grace of God, led 2 to saving faith in the finished work of Christ. We gave 1 assurance of her salvation, stood praying silently as 4 received Christ, and gave 5 Bibles.

This month something happened to Susie. For almost a month now, she has had a queasy stomach. She is now on a rice and cheese diet for three weeks. Pray that this works. The doctor recommended this diet. Also, both of my thumbs have started hurting. The pain is almost unbearable in the left thumb. Pray that the diet heals Susie’s problem, and pray that my pain is temporary. As always, we are praying that He shows us something through the affliction. Pray for our safety as we travel to a new area this month to see about helping a sister church that needs “a shot in the arm,” so to speak. We really appreciate your prayers, and please know that we are praying for your ministries as well.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson