Abraham Avila Prayer Letter: She Was Praying for Her FriendsShe was okay; she was just praying.

My wife and I talked through the night recently. We spoke about our family and the goals we have set for our children. We focused on the positive and on how we could build upon what has already been established. We started talking about Lani and realized just how beautiful a young lady she is turning into. I was looking at my daughter’s drawings and paintings the other day and noticed how much talent she has gained. She has also always had an ear for music, specifically for the piano. She has started taking piano lessons with Mrs. Foust. It amazes me to watch her follow the notes and play what is written. She has also gained more comfort in witnessing and has started to attract more children to her when she starts witnessing (more on that to follow in the letter). She has always had a knack for making friends. One friend she made almost instantly upon arriving in San Gabriel was Rubi. Rubi is a small-framed, quiet girl who lives on one of the surrounding hills. Her house is on the very top of one of the hills. Every Saturday and Sunday, she makes her way down by herself to attend the church. She has always been a faithful Sunday school student. Recently my wife and Lani invited her over to our apartment for baking cupcakes and drinking some tea. They asked her mom, and she agreed. It was a delightful two hours spent in baking cupcakes and sipping tea. Rubi had never baked, nor had she ever had such moist and chocolaty chocolate cupcakes. She was very excited and looked forward to the next time she could come over. One night I was making my rounds in our apartment, making sure all the lights were turned off, the stove was turned off, the doors and windows were locked, and that my children were okay in their beds. My last stop was Lani’s bedroom. I noticed she was fidgeting in her bed. I walked over to make sure she was okay. Her eyes locked with mine. She was not sleeping; she was awake. I asked her if she was okay. She stated that she was okay; she was just praying for her friends. She stated that she was specifically praying for her friend Rubi that night. I smiled at her, kissed her, and walked away into the dark hallway, thanking God for a caring daughter.

The joy on their faces was priceless.

My Sunday school class was ready to go soul winning. We headed out the church doors and worked our way to a park. We passed out tracts and spoke to those who would listen to us. We noticed a group of children watching us. I walked their way and noticed that they would run away whenever I approached. I asked Lani to make her way over to them. She grabbed Rubi’s hand and walked their way with a slight skip in their walk. The little kids sat there listening intently to Lani as she witnessed to them. They all trusted Christ as their Saviour. Afterwards the conversations of my Sunday school kids revolved around the little children trusting Christ. The joy on their faces was priceless. May they never lose that joy.

To be continued . . .

I am thankful for praying and giving friends such as you. If it weren’t for you, my family and I would not be able to be here in Lima, Peru. We love you and pray for you often. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you and your family.

Prayer Requests

• Safety for our family, our team leader Bro. Dan Hubbard, and the other families of Team Peru
• Additional monthly financial support
• Health for the families of Team Peru
• Bro. Hubbard’s health
• My dad’s physical therapy
• The spiritual lives of one our faithful supporter’s two sons; pray that God would grant the parents grace as we join them in prayer for both of their sons, ages 20 and 14.


• We saw 47 souls saved.
• Sunday school class children are soul winning and bringing visitors to church.
• New families have joined the church.
• My dad is gaining more movement through his therapy.
• My father and brother both celebrated a birthday on the 5th of March.
• My wife celebrated her birthday on the 22nd of March.

Thank you once again for your prayers and support.

Your co-laborers to Peru,

Abraham, Fabiola, Marco, Leilani, and Joaquin Avila