Ricky Martin Prayer Letter:  Family Day and Baby Day Bring Hundreds to ChurchDear Praying Friends,

February and March have been busy with many special days in our church and college. Over 600 first-time families were brought here on Family Day, with Pastor Gerald McKelroy as our guest speaker. The following Sunday was Baby Day, and hundreds of new mothers brought their babies to church—you can imagine the noise.

On March 9, we hosted our annual Firefighters Appreciation Night, where over 100 fire-fighters and their families, plus several police officers, attended. We honored the widow and daughter of a fallen fireman.

Iloilo Baptist College had its 33rd graduating class. Five young people from my group completed their Bible college training. We are privileged and blessed to have a part in training these young people to serve the Lord with their lives.

Please pray for our student recruitment and summer camps for the teenagers, couples, elderly, and kids.

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support for our family and the Lord’s ministry here in Iloilo.

In Christ,

Ricky & Brandie with T.J. and Ava Martin