James Belisle Prayer Letter:  New GranddaughterDear Friends,

The Lord continues to bless us with grandchildren. On March 22 at 1:02 p.m., our oldest daughter Beth Ann brought into the world Abigail Eveland. She was 20¼ inches long and weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces. This is our first granddaughter and our fourth grandchild. Just because we have four grandchildren does not mean we are old. The children are the only ones who grow old.

Our son-in-law Kelton was not able to be here for the birth because he is serving his country in Afghanistan. He was able to Skype into the room and see pictures of his daughter. Praise the Lord for technology. Momma and the baby are doing fine, though the baby does scream a lot. At least one of our children was like that when they were a baby. Since Kelton was not here for the birth, Linda went down to be with Beth Ann two weeks prior to the birth. Because I had some meetings, I ended up traveling back and forth between Kentucky and Iowa or Indiana. I also had a meeting in Kentucky during our stay in that state. I put a lot of miles on my vehicle. Prior to going down to Kentucky, Linda and I were in Michigan where I preached a revival for Pastor Steve Lang. Though none were saved in the meeting that I know of, the pastor felt the messages were a great help to his people.

I was out soul winning with one of our young men from our church one Thursday night. We were able to leave some tracts on the doors where people were not home. We did get in one apartment where we were able to talk with a young college student. This young man was from China but had been in the States for some years. He spoke good English, and we could tell he could understand what we were saying. I thought for sure he would get saved because his interest was so high. Unfortunately, when I invited him to call upon the Lord Jesus for salvation, he declined with these words: “I will pay my own penalty!” I was saddened to hear that and choked up while praying for him. I pray the love of Christ will break through to him someday.

James Belisle